OR/RS file request RW Reaper 3

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Jul 15, 2015
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Like the title says, anyone have a RockSim or an Open Rocket file for the Rocketry Warehouse/Mad Cow Reaper 3?

There were a few build threads that showed up in search, but not much follow up.

Any problems with this kit?

Thanks! :)
Mine's partially done. Two more of the little triangle fins to attach, fin fillets, nosecone tracker to mount and do the electronics and done. No beefs.
Will take short 54mm L's like the Loki L1400 but not the long L2050. Sustainer is not long enough but would likely bust most of the waivers in the Midwest anyways on a 2050.
The L1400 would probably get it into the 10k range. I don't know of a file on it and my estimate is based on another rocket I have of similar design. (3" stretched Wildman rocket)