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Jul 18, 2012
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I got my tax return and I am looking to get an inexpensive but passable drill press. What do you guys have, where did you get it, how much was it delivered, and what do you like/dislike about it? Would you buy it again?
I have been holding off buying a drill press .... but....

I recently was in our local ace hardware and on the clearance display were a couple of small desktop drillpresses from an unknown importer... $50 ea.. Bought one.

Brought it home, assembled it, wd40'd it and I couldn't be happier.

Will it work for full blown cabinet shop? No way!

Will it work for a full blown rocket bench? Perfect!

Save your money for motors.....
I have seen them on sale for $40 at Freight Salvage (no-name brand). Probably a good price if there is one of their stores near you and you can pick it up. Probably not a good bargain if you have to pay another $40 shipping.
In December I got a Ryobi 10" drill press for $99 at Home Depot.

I love it!
I have a bench mounted press made by Delta, gave around $100 for it, kinda overpriced for a press of this size because I see them all the time from other brands for around $50 to $60, darn good drill press though, overbuilt and solid as a rock, just the way I like my power tools,.... also happens to be the way I like my rockets! I have no complaints other than the slightly inflated price.
I have a 8"press I use from Craftsman...You can get replacememnt parts easily from Sears if ever needed and the thing just plain works! I bought mine around this time of year when they had sales going on...I think it was around $88 and has been worth every dime. For me, the big thing is parts as I tend to use good tools quite a bit. I have a sears parts center about 10 mins from where I work and have picked up parts for tools in the past, including scroll saws, rip saws, torque wrenches, riding lawn mowers, etc...

Cheap is good, but service is better.

I gotta put in my plug for Grizzly Tools. I bought a floor model radial drill press for $150 with free shipping during one of their promotions. I would highly recommend checking out their prices and selection. They've got drill presses as low as $59 but, make sure you know how much the shipping will be. I'm very happy with my purchase and I think that I certainly got more for my money than if I'd have gone to Home Depot or Lowes and spent the same amount of money.
Harbor Freight - free shipping. Drill presses from huge to gargantuan. Good quality for home use.
Big Lots - had 8" benchtop for $39.00, same import as sold by Harbor Freight.
Amazon.com - free shipping. Delta, Jet.
Homier - Your traveling tool seller. They often have some good deals on returned/refurbished power tools.
I have a Delta 12" benchtop drill press purchased from Lowes about 8 years ago. Not a minutes trouble, made to last. Paid about $139 and will probably have it for the rest of my life, be that long or short time.

Grizzly - Yep, good stuff. But a drill press is a drill press. If their price with shipping is close to other sources, you will have a good tool. I own some griz stuff and like it. Easy to shop with them online. Lots of drill presses from itty bitty to Whoa! Momma!!

Disclaimer - No, I don't work for any of these guys, but they've all managed to get some of my money.

Also check your local flea markets. You can often find some good stuff at a reasonable price. Ask the seller to run the press and let you check the runout.

Da Dog
I have a bench top drill press from Sears as well. I think I paid about $100 for it and have been pleased so far. It even came with a little work clamp. Nice touch :)
I got a Drill press for $70 and its a Craftsman, I love it, It's an 8" I would like a 10" but this drill is good enough for now.
I have the Harbor freight drill press...mine is about 5 years old and the guage is broken (never used it anyway!).

I think it broke when I hit my bench with my truck and it fell on the floor.


I too have the Harbor Freight Drill press...I have not bought any centering rings in 2 years, as I have been making my own. Like Sandman, I broke the little plastic gauge, but I never used it either.

...all day long $39.99 and they have pallets of them at our local branch store...Harbor Freight Tools: thanks for the link Stymye

Carl - when you come down in April for the 2nd annual TRF get-together, if you want to, we can go to the Harbor Freight here. That should be a hoot, to see you buy a lathe, a drill press, and twenty other pieces of heavy equipment, and then watch you try to fit all that stuff in your van that is crammed full of rockets.....
Hey Carl and others,

If you decide to get a lathe or any other Harbor Freight stuff, the shipping is free for purchases over 50 bucks, although there is a handling charge of $4.95. Its worth it to look in the store and order when you get back home. Let them ship it and you don't have to mess with loading, transporting and unloading.

Da Dog