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Jul 21, 2019
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Billerica, MA
Maybe it's just me, but I wish there were a thumbnail or picture of each of the nosecones in the database.
Designing a nosecone is fine, but then where to get it? Does one of the ones available already match what I want?
It can be very frustrating.
On the other hand, if a catalog of these exists, where is it?
I've had the same issue. I believe there is something in the database for future enhancements about that. I thought it would be nice to be able to select preconfigured NCs that match what is available from the major vendors.
A part preview is also something I've had in mind to implement in the future.
Searching the database for close matches would certainly be interesting, although it would take some time to implement. (on paper it's not difficult to implement, but code-wise it would require some effort)
Well you could filter on “elliptical” and then sort by diameter (or check the “match diameter box)and get there pretty quickly.

But yeah, visual previews would definitely be nice for nose cones.
My information-gathering lizard brain has kinda been itching about compiling a nose cone database, including calculated fineness ratios. Adding photos would be a good addition. Probably a link in an Excel doc to a file in a specific location. Don't know how it would be integrated into OR, but that wasn't really the point. I really need to spend more time building rockets and less time on the rocknetweb, though. If I do it, it will be just cones I personally find interesting, not anything like an attempt to be comprehensive across the industry. And I would probably be much happier if I started off with a small group and let it grow organically as I got my hands around additional info.