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Nov 25, 2009
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I wanted to hack a Punisher SS but the only file I found was .ork. Downloaded 15.03 and fired it up on a Linux box (yes I have java loaded and working)
Got the file from here: View attachment 303979 It wasn't my handiwork but I couldn't get OR to put a coupler tube in as I tried to modify it. Program worked but I couldn't find a menu that would help.

I basically just wanted a coupler for the NC and desired to tweak the tube lengths and insert a 29mm MMT instead of 38mm. I deleted the "switchband" as I didn't need it and my 15.03 version of OR doesn't have the screen for internal components when run in the configuration above. Is there a switch I have to throw in OR to get the menu?

Anyhow, I had OR save the file to a .rkt file and I was able to modify it via Rocksim. Took me minutes once I called RS up. Seems weird I don't get the internal component menu with OR. I'll try to mess with it some more as I am rushed to get a simulation pulled off for MWP14.

I picked up a small Punisher Sport last year as the ~$30.00 special and updated it with a spiral-wound nosecone. H238 should take it to 3600' for GPS tracker testing with a JLCR releasing the chute up relatively high as wind permits.
Has the thin reddish tubes:


Liked the NC so much I got one for the "burned out" rocket on the left. It will fly too on an H250 and see if it will fly or burn up this time. Kurt