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Dec 19, 2009
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I Have Not Worked With JAVA Befor. I have a Rocket Design Made Up In Open Rocket .9.6
And would Like To Run Sims, But No Motors Are Listed. How Do I get Them To Show Up.
They Are In The Program That I Downloaded. :confused2:
There are a couple of ways to add motors to your design.
During design when add a BT
1. Select the Motor Tab and check the "This component is a motor mount" box. This will enable the "Motor Configuration" Drop Down.
2. From the Drop Down select "Edit Configurations".
3. Click the "New Configuration Button".
4. Highlight the Right Cell.
5. Click the "Select Motor" Button at the bottom. A list of motors that have the same or smaller diameter will open.
6. Select your desired motor. Ex Estes C6.
7. Once selected the "Select the ejection charge delay" will populate. Note this needs updating. Not all delays for All engines are available.
Select your delay.
8. Click OK and the Window closes.
9. Click close on the "Edit Motor Configuration" Window.
10. Click Close on the "Edit Tube Configuration" Window.

If your design is complete
Then highlight the tube you want in the Rocket Design Window and click the "Edit" button and follow steps 1 to 10 above.

Once you have a motor, Click the "Flight Simulation" Tab.
Click the "New Simulation" Button.
Select your motor for the "Motor Configuration" drop down.
Click the Run simulation Button.
Hightlight the simulation results.
Click the Plot/export Button.
On the Plot data Tab. Click the Plot Flight button.
You will get a graph of your flight data.

Open your rocket file, then go to Flight simulation.
Next go to new simulation, select motor configurations
double click on cell under "Inner Tube"

you can select your motor from there.