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It pops up on occasion. Save what you have, if you can. Close the program and see if it happens again. If it doesn't work thentry to rreboot the computer.

Oh, and it has nothing to do with the fins being in the same place as other fins.
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No problem.

In my .ork files, I frequently have fins overlap others to create the appearance desired. I call them "Air Fins". These are typically at a fraction of a degree to allow the decals that appear on one side to not appear on the other where they would be bɘɿoɿɿim/mirrored. It's the very fact that OR doesn't take these physical impossibilities into consideration that makes it possible to have an engine hook placed properly.
How do you do your engine hooks anyway? Extremely convoluted freeform fin?

Bingo! Attached to a phantom body tube of a reduced diameter to allow it to "fit" over the motor tube, and still "hook" over the motor.
I have rebooted computer several times and still the problem exists.
Would it have anything to do with me drawing the 1st and 2nd stages all in one drawing ?
I can send the file and fin if anyone wants to give it a try ?

if you would be so kind, please post the files so we can see if it a) is just you or b) something in your files. misery shared is diminished.
is this what you had in mind?:). your image is likely the culprit I didn't run out of memory...but or barfed on it, resized the image to 25% of the original size (and still had to scale the fins down). the other bit that is going to cause problems down the road, you should have clicked on the new stage button before you started the booster. if you want to run flight sims as a 2stage rocket you'll have to duplicate the booster and get rid of the current one(I believe that you can copy the current booster to the new stage, haven't tried). anywho here it is.

View attachment herk1a.ork
Rex R

That is what I was trying to do . This was my first sim for a 2 stage rocket.
When you said you had to resize the image by 25% was
that the image of the rocket or of the fins ? When I first inserted the fins they
were very small and I increased the fin image size.
That is probably what was causing the error

I reduced the size of the fin image, that or the white line at the base of the fin(that is a no-no for importing from image).
Rex R
Thanks for your help and everyone else
I will be up scaling the Hercules to a PML 4.024 outside diameter ( 3.9 inside diameter )
But first I gotta get started on the same up scale for the maxi Icarus
I hope to start posting on the Maxi Icarus up scale by the end of January.
The only problem is I cant start painting until the spring as my small shop has no heat but wood heater and
painting in the house is a no no
so staging might not be your 1st priority. glad we got this bit sorted out.I was able to add a new stage to your design, from there I was able to select the parent component of the booster(the body tube) and move it to the new stage easy peasy. the flight sim netted 790" B6-0 to B6-4.
Rex R

Yep I gotta get the Maxi Icarus up scale done first
When I get to the Hercules up scale it will be a simulated 2 stage just using one 38mm motor