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Jun 18, 2003
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My computer has an appointment monday for open heart surgery...... I am tired of all the problems I am having with it so....... I am getting a lot things done........ Most revolve around a new 80 Gig hard drive....... Then Win 2000 will be re-installed...... Then my router and video capture board will be installed......... Then another computer will be upgraded and networked to my computer, thus sharing the cable modem and the internet connection........

Then programs like Rocksim 7.0 should run!!!!!!!

I hope it will only take a day or two......... I can't go too long without my TRF fix!!!!!! :D
we're pulling for ya dude, if there is anything we can do just let us know, triple-by-pass...I know the feeling, but everything will be ok...
good luck man, sounds like you should have a nice machine afterwards. you can post faqster than ever!
Im pulling for you! Just remember: when networking, DO NOT run a software firewall (eg ZoneAlarm) block network traffic. It took me a good 6 hours of work to figure that out.
Yeah... I recently had to dive into computer repairs recently. I built a new computer for Olga, had to redo my computer after a major hard drive failure. Then my website got lost... so I had to upload my 4 - 5 GB large website again.... and the upstream speed of comcast is not very fast....

So I feel your pain :)
Originally posted by solrules
DO NOT run a software firewall (eg ZoneAlarm) block network traffic.

Thanks for the advice.........

Well, I am signing off for a few days......... Hey guys, when I get back on-line, I hope my inbox is filled with requests for my "membership map"!!!!

See Ya.......

We certainlly know the feelings involved in such surgery... having dealt with it myself....
Our prayers are indeed with you at such a trying time....but on a happier (soon to be retired) desktop has recently given birth to a healthy...bouncing baby laptop...WOO HOO...!!!
ALL the bells and whistles...gonna be great for the flight line...!!!

Again our thoughts are with you.....Good Luck....
IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

New 80 gig hard drive and a new CD burner installed ....... The video capture board will have to wait, it was more money than I had....... Router still needs some configuring, but should be ok soon....... I tell you the TRF withdrawls have been bad!!!!!!
welcome back Dr. FRANKEN-rocketmaniac...80gig, woohoo, were getting big time now.

You have lots of catching up to do.

Glad you pulled thru...the computer I mean...!!!
and for the record...I'm sure I didn't post anything of meaningful you didn't miss much from my end...LOL
Originally posted by Johnnierkt
You have lots of catching up to do.

you ain't kidding...... There were 131 threads with new posts in 2 days!!!!!!
Originally posted by Johnnierkt
80gig, woohoo, were getting big time now

The main reason for a 80gig hard drive (and the video capture board) is to take videos of launches and then do video editing on the computer......
I just installed Rocksim 7.0 and it works!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D

This alone is worth the money I spent on the new hard drive........ Now, between this forum and Rocksim I'll never get off the computer!!!! (Oh wait, I have to build the rockets after I design them)
That usually helps... ;) :) :D

It ain't a rocket unless it flies!

That applies to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Cool! 80gig... Wow... Glad rocsim works.

A lot went on while you were gone. I posted a whole lot, and I got to 10,000!:D :cool: ;) :rolleyes: :eek:
Originally posted by Rocketmaniac
Then Win 2000 will be re-installed......

If you have any troubles -- try dumping Win2K. I had lots of problems, and have had a really stable system since the move to Win XP. This is the first time I've actually had really good things to say about Microsoft products.