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Jan 21, 2009
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here's a picture of a Lawn Dart Rocketry "Cog Aero" LLV-201. I finished gluing it last night.

I bought the kit for $3 from Peter Clay, who won it from his Rocketry Challenge contribution ... seems Lawn Dart Rocketry went OOP just recently, maybe a year ago? Anybody know the story? Seems like Lawn Dart Rocketry had a bunch of pretty neat kits.

Does it fly? Dunno for sure but it passes the swing test. the theory is: laminar flow around the foam ball gets funnelled through the "cargo pods", the tube fins below the ball. I think the "landing pads" also give some fin-action but mostly just look cool.

oh yeah, since this is the kit review section: plus points for interesting, innovative kit. plus points for printing color pictures in the instructions. plus points for price :) Plus points for the awesome ASP mylar chute with swivel clip.

minus points for missing parts (the foam ball, eye bolt). big minus points for confusing, incomplete, and contradictory directions. Maybe these were from a pre-production kit.

probably rates a skill level 3 because of all the sticks that have to be custom cut and glued. I put it together with yellow glue but CA would be a lot faster.

The package blurb reads:

"A True Spacecraft! the LLV201 represents the next generation of lunar transport. Designed to operate only in the vacuum of space and the lunar environment, it needs no streamlining or unncessary smooth skin. The cargo pods are exposed and only the pressurized crew quarters are closed. An emergency escape vehicle nestles in the nose of the craft.

The LLV 201 will confound your friends when you fly it. It appears to break all the rules of atomospheric roctry, but wll give a firm straight launch and recovery."
I guess this thread answered my question in your foam thread. I never finished my lander. (by finished I mean painted)
As for the instructions...yeah, they were bad. I think they were the original Cognis instructions, with a couple of sheets that Lawn Dart added. It would really have been tough without those. I think he was going to complete a full set of new instructions when he dropped the line/went out of business, etc.

I have a review on EMRR if you are interested.
I didn't find your review because I was searching under "lawn dart" but it came up right away under "cognis".

it broke a leg anyways, even with the lower struts? I haven't glued them on... couldn't tell from the directions how to do it! your picture in the review is much clearer. I can see why they broke, though, the angle for the struts is too narrow and won't give any lateral support.

your advice in the review about the launch lugs is good, I will do it that way.

I will put an 18" mylar chute in it and try it on a D9-4.
Aerotech RMS 24mm D white lightning...great motor for light models!
I never got around to rewriting the instructions. Sorry they were confusing (especially since the original had an 18mm motor mount and the one I kitted had a 24mm).

Looking at your completed model, you are missing some of the struts. Should have three coming off each "fin". The styrofoam ball wouldn't fit in the bags, so they were shipped loose in the box.

Due to health and family problems I've had to curtail my kit plans. Pretty much sold out at this point. Cognis kits are gone, clone kits are gone (but at least Estes has re-released two of them), and I'm helping Paul Clark find a US distributor for his kits (V-2, X-15s and Bomarc).