Onyx first flight which motor?

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Jan 20, 2009
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I'm going to fly my new LOC Onyx this weekend weather depend at the C.R.A.S.H. launch My question is what's a good first flight motor? I have several to choose from on hand. The list includes
E-18-4W, E-28-7T, F20-7W, and assorted F21s.

I also have a pair of G35-7Ts that I found on clearance for 3.99 at HL on vacation.

Yes I'll post pics when its painted.

Ron, I had an Onyx years ago. I'd recommend the E18-4W. I flew mine on an E15-4 & an E30-4.
My Onyx, first flew on an F20-4. It has flown many times on that motor, a time or two on F23-4's, and once on an NCR F62-4 Darkstar.
Well, I can unequivocally say, "don't fly an Ellis Mountain - G35" without adding some nose weight.

We flew my daughter's Onyx at LDRS on it's maiden flight on a G35. We completed the construction at my father's house in PA, so I didn't have a copy of Rocsim to check it out. We loaded the G35 in it, the LCO pushed the button and the Onyx proceeded to "touch the sky" ;) .
I have flown my Onyx on F50s and G40s....... With that being said, I must add that I did not build it myself. I got it on an Ebay auction for $10 plus $7 shipping. I don't think it was modified......

I love this rocket. It is a rocket that I fly most every launch.........

I went to the launch site today. The sky was blue and the temp in the low 70s. Perfect conditions except for the strong 15 to 30 mph winds. So I've postponed the first flight of the Onyx until I have calmer winds. I'll use the E18-4, then work my way up from there.

Thanks for your help!

My first flight of my Onyx was on AT E30. Flew fast and furious on that. Flew it again several times on E15s, F25s and G40s later on until a blow-through forced me to repair it ... decided to stretch it to 45" in length.

My Stretched Onyx is still a live and kicking since 1996. Has over 75 flights in it now with the biggest variety of motors used to fly it in my fleet. :)

Just to name a few: E15, F14J, F25, F50, G40, G80, G64, G33, G75, H97, H128, H180 and H220. That's just Aerotech :D

Also flew it on FSI E60s and F100s when I still had a handfull of those motors.

Rocket is still alive and kicking (nice pics in launch report below)


I first flew my Onyx on an AT E23-5T (7 years ago to the day - phew, time flies :eek: ) and I have it recorded as 'excellent'. I tried it later on an AT E15-4W with a 24mm adapter and it was unstable :mad:
I've flown mine on a bunch of FSI F100s, which meant making two masking tape 'centering rings' to fit the smaller motor into the 29mm motor tube. I lost it on an F25, the first motor I flew it on that was bigger than an F100.

Have they ever changed the recommended motor listings on the package? They used to list recommended Vulcan motors...
Flew my Onyx last Saturday at the SEARS launch on a F40-4. Great motor for the Onyx!