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Haha!!! That is classic...he deserves a lot more that $20 for that!

Absolutely perfect...I love the french part;)
That is the funniest thing I have read in quite some time.
I just had a full blown, roll on the floor, legs kicking, belly laugh!!!
Thank you so much for the post, that made my day:D
I was laughing so hard that my wife just yelled at me to shut up!

This is the funniest thing I've seen in ages!
Ok, here's a funny one. A local morning show radio personality is selling this chainsaw. Apparently, after only a few minutes of usage he nearly cut two fingers off. Check it out - <a href="">eBay chainsaw</a>. Funny stuff!
OK!! Now that I have regained my composure.........
I was thinkin' if you were to tie on a nice piece of line
you could use it as a boat anchor, but then, it probably
isn't even any good for that either........!!!!!!
I like EBAY's "Send this item to a friend" feature !!!

I bet the Ryobi dudes aren't laughing as much as we are!!!!!!
Or ARE they? Dr Don
hahaha! That's the funniest thing iven seen in a long time! :D
that Ebay would spawn a cottage industry in comedy?

Great Stuff!

This is better than Bob and Tom, and no potty humor!!
That is funny :D:D:D And you cant accuse him of an innacurate description!
that was awesome, the french part made me laugh so hard I couldnt read anymore until I regained control
ELECTRIC CHAINSAW? that must be one of them new fangled things for citified folk. can you imagine what would have happened if at the same time he found the electric cord with the chain? hmm maybe would have cauterized the hand slice and stopped the bleeding?
I remember the first time a guy tried to sell me an "electric chainsaw"...

I said "Electric!? Way cool! Yea, i'll get that, let me see!"

And he brought it out and I was crushed... I *thought* he had some new fangled "electric *start*" chainsaw (now *that* would be cool)

may as well drive an electric motorcycle with a long extention cord... ...either way, you ain't gettin' very far