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Jan 11, 2013
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We would like to thank each and every one of you,,
And again,
I just feel so blessed to have the ongoing support of this community year after year..
You have supported us and pushed us forward and up in a way we wouldn’t have dared dream..
We donate raffle prizes to clubs across the country all the time..
But each year we feel this is a more direct way of saying a substantial and heartfelt Thank you
to this whole wonderful community for your support all year long..
Onebadhawk will run our annual "Black Friday" sale, as always for the entire week of Thanksgiving,,
Monday 11/21/2022 through Monday 11/28/2022,, it's much more relaxed / no rush this way..
you’ll get the best deals of the year on the best harnesses in rocketry and a whole lot more..
As usual, we try to help with the expense of setting up dual deploy rockets..
The sale will be "Buy 3 get 1 of equal or lesser value free" on every harness on the Onebadhawk site....
( There will be a limit of one offer per customer )..
Those savings will average out to between 20% and 25%.....
Now that's a great deal on the best harnesses High Power has ever seen..

Our harness and hardware general application recommendations--

Our 3/16" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for those really small airframes
where space is at an absolute premium-- 38mm, 54mm and 2.6"....
The 3/16" Tubular Kevlar is available as "standard" in 15 ft or 20 ft,
Use this material with our 3/16" Polished Stainless Steel Eyes, 1/8" or 5/32" Polished Stainless Steel Quick Links, and Badhawk swivels..

Our 1/4" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 3" airframes..
Use this material with our 1/4" Polished Stainless Steel Eyes, 5/32" or 3/16" Polished Stainless Steel Quick Links, and 3/16" Polished Stainless Steel swivels..

Our 3/8" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 4" airframes..
Use this material with our 5/16" Polished Stainless Steel Eyes, 3/16" or 1/4" Polished Stainless Steel Quick Links, and 1/4" Polished Stainless Steel swivels..

Our 7/16" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 5" and up airframes..
Use this material with our 3/8" Polished Stainless Steel Eyes, 1/4" or 9/32" Polished Stainless Steel Quick Links, and 5/16" Polished Stainless Steel swivels..

No gaps in material size..
No guessing which harness is correct for my current rocketry build..

The 1/4" Tubular Kevlar 3 loop booster harnesses is 25 ft ..
while the 1/4" Tubular Kevlar 2 loop payload section harnesses is 20 ft ..

The 3/8" Tubular Kevlar 3 loop booster harnesses is 30 ft ..
while the 3/8" Tubular Kevlar 2 loop payload section harnesses is 25 ft ..
Again, a "custom" harness set at "standard" harness pricing..

The 7/16" Tubular Kevlar 3 loop booster harnesses is 35 ft ..
while the 7/16" Tubular Kevlar 2 loop payload section harnesses is 25 ft ..

This is like getting custom harnesses at " production run" prices..

These harnesses are just perfect for so many applications..
They're super small, but super strong,, and are also abrasion resistant...
These harnesses have certainly become an absolute favorite over the years for very good reason...
Try one once, you'll never go back, you won't understand how you ever flew without them..
These harnesses are just as cool as it gets....

( But of course, this sale cannot include any custom work,, or Kevlar sleeved nylon harnesses )...

Onebadhawk Polished Stainless Steel Hardware is commonly known as
“the right stuff”, "the best around and everyone knows it"..
To celebrate the holiday, the best hardware around will be offered at the best prices of the year to sweeten the pot on the black weekend sale offerings,,
you’ll get 20% off all the stainless hardware you’d like..
The new Onebadhawk Airfoiled rail guides and screw switches are not like any other..
The Airfoiled rail guides use a steel Tee nut that goes through the airframe into the back of the guide..
These are the strongest most solid guides ever made,
and one more extremely important point,
The 1010 guide fits perfectly on a 1515 rail..
You don't have to look for a particular size rail when you walk out to the pads at a crowded, busy launch..
Just walk up to any pad and your rocket will fit the rail perfectly..

It's a simple philosophy,,
If it's from Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses, it's the best there is..

As always, just send me an email at the sales at onebadhawk dot com address with all of the items you'd like,
and I'll send you an invoice to pay at PayPal..

We always love to celebrate our friendly affiliation with Wildman Hobbies,,
As always we will have our harnesses available through Wildman Hobbies,
as appropriate for his special new rockets he is having his sale on..
These harness deals will only be available through Wildman Hobbies..
These harnesses will be at a better price then they're offered at any other time of the year,, 20% off..

I say quite often, I can't wait for you to get the harnesses, you're going to just flip when you see them..
I mean it..
Just speak to someone who flys Onebadhawk Harnesses..

I just don't know how to thank you all enough for all of your support throughout the year...

Sincerely,, respectfully,, humbly,,

Ted Chernok..
Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses..
Thanks Teddy, you're one of the people I'm thankful for. 🙂

I'll probably order some for my upcoming winter builds which I'll try to post.

Spring and summer builds I'll check in with you on the field for guidance...folks, he's a fantastic resource if you're lucky enough to have him at your club.
You guys are too wonderful to me...
Thank you so much man..
Tom, you get together a list for me,, I'll get it right out for sure..
I think you're both only a day away from me for a package ship..
Let me conjugate a verb for you..
Da man..
You were da man..
you are da man..
You will always be da man.. lol..

I just don't know what to say anymore..
This is what I deal with constantly..
And there's those that don't take me seriously or understand when I say I am the absolute most fortunate man on the planet..

Thank you all so much..

You're always welcome Teddy! :) 👍

Question for you...when you note something like 'perfect for 4" airframes', does it matter if it is cardboard vs fiberglass?
Well yeah Ken..
All of my recommendations work on the assumption that the material is glass..
Glass is pretty much the heaviest build material we commonly use..
If you're building out of a lighter material you can downsize the harness material..
It's quite common, when I do a set up for someone..
For instance, If the 4" build isn't glass then I'll offer a 3/8" Tubular Kevlar Booster harness and a 1/4" Tubular Kevlar payload harness..
I'll do that when packing room gets tight as well..

Best harnesses out there. The kevlar is so soft and supple and a pleasure to use. Feels, dare I say, luxurious?

The 3/8" harnesses are by far my favorite. They use such fine fine fine kevlar fibers that they are unbelievably soft, flexible, and pliable, that makes them a dream to pack and work with. Always buy a small 4" nomex chute protector or a nomex cord protector short cut-off section from Jackie (Wildmans / Recon) and use that to protect Teddy's kevlar from the edges of your FG airframe tubing. I use a zip tie and some tape to keep it in place on the cord. The nomex really does a good job taking the beating of the FG edges and helping keep your pretty kevlar nice and not getting nicked up. The nomex that Jackie uses is very robust and doesn't bat an eye at the FG airframe edges that tend to eventually fray / frizz the kevlar a bit.

Thanks Teddy for being such an awesome and gracious person and bringing joy with you when you attend launches. You're always so happy to be there, see people, chat, etc.

We truly are blessed to have some amazing vendors/manufacturers/supporters in this little hobby of ours.
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Thank you so much Brian..
You are way too kind..
Thank you ALL so much..
Sandy and I had a houseful yesterday..
All had just the most wonderful time..
We laughed and laughed..
I screwed up the cooking pretty bad though..
I had such dreams of grandeur, lol..
I have been tweaking recipes for a long time now..
This year everything's going to come out just smokin, better than ever..
Lets just say all didn't quite go as planned,, lol..
We all ate to much anyways and just a wonderful time..

I'm sorry I've been neglecting both this thread and the orders..
I'm doooin it now,, back cookin..
We got a lot out this evening and will really get moving on them beginning tomorrow..
Please be patient with me..

Send me an email with your list rather then place the order on my site..
It's much easier, I'll just make you an invoice and we go from there..
Even with the lost time for the holiday, turn around times are a day, two at the most.. ( usually, lol. )..

Thank you all so much always,,

You all are just the bestest ever..

Email order sent. Thanks for all you do, Teddy! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.
Ima cookin..
Thank you all so much..
Tom, your order is done and out..
You guy's are all too wonderful too me, lol..

Same here and the harnesses are beautiful!

Also I wasn't aware of this:
Ok everybody,,
I'm totally caught up..
I do thank you all so much..
This was the bestest, biggest sale ever so far since I've been doing this..
It makes me feel wonderful to be able to help so many with the set ups for their latest, greatest rocket builds..
I know how important these builds are to you,
when a flight no longer makes you a lil nervous, it's time to go bigger, higher, faster..
It makes me feel wonderful that with that in mind, you entrust me to help with the most difficult part of the flight..
You all are wonderful..
You make me feel wonderful..

I am the most fortunate man on the planet..

Thank you..

You would just not believe how common this is..
Happens fairly regularly..

You owed me $38..
You sent $50.
I do thank you so much for the kind, generous gesture..

Ima put $12 more worth of goodies in the bag..

Your choice.
Either you pick of I pick..

Thank you so much man.

How much more,
how do I make you all understand why i constantly say how wonderful this community is and how fortunate I am..
This is insane.
In what other industry would this happen..