Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses Black Week Sale..


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Jan 11, 2013
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We at Onebadhawk would like to thank each and every one of you,,
Again, I just feel so blessed to have the ongoing support of this community year after year..
You have supported us and pushed us forward and up in a way we wouldn’t have dared dream..
We donate raffle prizes to clubs across the country all the time..
But each year we feel this is a more direct way of saying a substantial and heartfelt Thank you
to this whole wonderful community for your support all year long..
Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses will run our annual "Black Friday" sale, as always for the entire week of Thanksgiving,,
Wednesday 11/24/2021 through Monday 11/29/2021,, it's much more relaxed / no rush this way..
you’ll get the best deals of the year on the best harnesses High Power rocketry has ever seen and a whole lot more..
As usual, we try to help with the expense of setting up dual deploy rockets..
The sale will be "Buy 3 get 1 of equal or lesser value free" on every harness on the Onebadhawk site....
( There will be a limit of one offer per customer )..
Those savings will average out to between 20% and 25%.....
Now that's a great deal on some smokin harnesses..
On all of the material that we're having manufactured specially for us..
New material / product alert !!!! 1/4", and 3/8" Tubular Kevlar ( this isn't new material anymore, and my how you have loved it, thank you so much )
There's no longer a gap in Tubular Kevlar harness materials...
There's no guessing at what material fits a particular size airframe..

Our 3/16" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for those really small airframes
where space is at an absolute premium-- 38mm, 54mm and 2.6"....
Our 1/4" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 3" airframes..
Our 3/8" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 4" airframes..
Our 7/16" Tubular Kevlar is just perfect for 5" and up airframes..

No gaps in material size..
No guessing which harness is correct for my current rocket build..

The 3/16" Tubular Kevlar is now available as "standard" in 15 ft or 20 ft,
so it'll fit those tight 38mm airframes and still be appropriate in a 2.6" airframes..

The 7/16" Tubular Kevlar 3 loop booster harnesses "standard" length will now be 35 ft,,
while the 7/16" Tubular Kevlar 2 loop payload section harnesses is 25 ft "standard"..
This is like getting a custom harness set at "standard production run" prices..

There's been another change in "standard" harness length..
The 3/8" Tubular Kevlar 3 loop booster harnesses will now be 30 ft "standard",,
while the 3/8" Tubular Kevlar 2 loop payload section harness is 25 ft "standard"..
Again, a "custom" harness set at "standard" harness pricing..

These new materials are just perfect for so many applications..
They're super small, but super strong,, and are also abrasion resistant...
These harnesses have certainly become an absolute favorite ...
Try one once, you'll never look back..
These harnesses are just as cool as it gets....

( But of course, this sale cannot include any custom work,, or Kevlar sleeved nylon harnesses )...

And just because I love to see them out in the field at a launch,,
Anyone who's total comes out to $250 or more I'll throw in the coolest T shirt around,,,
A Onebadhawk T Shirt of your choice ( Blue, Gold, or Lime ) for as long as existing supplies last,,,
The shirts are just as cool as it gets,, just wait till you see them...

As always, just send me an email at the sales at onebadhawk dot com address with all of the items you'd like,
and I'll send you an invoice to pay at PayPal..

We always love to celebrate our friendly affiliation with Wildman Hobbies,,
We will have available through Wildman Hobbies our harnesses in sets / pairs
as appropriate for his special new rockets he is having his sale on..
These harness deals will only be available through Wildman Hobbies..
These harnesses will be at a better price then they're offered all year,, 20% off..

I say quite often, I can't wait for you to get the harnesses, you're going to just flip when you see them..
I mean it..
Just speak to someone who flys Onebadhawk Harnesses..

I just don't know how to thank you all enough for all of your support throughout the year...

Sincerely,, respectfully,, humbly,,

Ted Chernok..
Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses..