one more bashed bertha

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Apr 8, 2004
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Alright I've had this one around for awhile....
It has become somwhat of a test rat for several things making it not so aestetically (sp?) pleasing. But here se is anyways.
Looks different! You do a sim? What kind of nose weight you need in that puppy?
Is that a Baby or a fullsized Bertha?
Judgeing from the rocket in the background you like the forward fins.
yeah actually I do have a thing for forward fins. I just kinda like to do things a little differently from the normal, make it interesting...or funny lookin.
And its a Baby Bertha

Didn't do a sim...didn't know about space cad or roc sim when i did this. I could do it now that i have space cad but im to lazy.

It prolly does need some nose weight considering all the weight i added to the butt end...but im just gonna fly it cold turkey and see what happens...if its busted or lost im not gonna get real upset. :p

Man........ I dunno... forward fins, short and stumpy, weight in the tail end... I got a bad feeling about this. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Does it string-test OK? Does the nose point forward? Either that or you'll have to fill the nose cone with quick-dry cement... :rolleyes:
Better add some weight to the nose cone or it will do flips! I built a rocket of my own design & it had fins very near the top, with no nose weight it fliped two time & nose dived into the ground, the kids watching thought is was the coolest thing & wanted me to do it again!, yea right! Any way; I made a new one , added nose weight & it was not bad-not great, but not bad!
ill prolly add a little NW but not alot id kinda like to see the sparkler show..... Safely.. :D
it mentioned that the model "had forward finlets to enhance stability"


adding fins forward moves the CP forward, making the model LESS stable.


hope it doesn't pick YOUR direction if it gets stable while tumbling...

good luck!

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