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Jan 18, 2009
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I guess I didn't get it all out of my system on Saturday, so on Sunday I took my youngest son, Kole, with me to the park and we launched a bunch of little rockets. All mini engines or A8-3's and 1 B4-4. First up was my Nike X.
Now Kole is only 4 1/2 and had never pushed the button before, so he got up the nerve to do so. Well, it was kind of hard to judge just exactly when he was going to push it, so I didn't get the liftoff shot, but the nose cone seperated on ejection. Here it is floating safely to the ground.
Here he is loading up the Fliskits Tumbleweed. His favorite saying all day, " I can do it, I can do it."
All I got was the smoke trail on the liftoff, but here's a shot of it coming down under 'chute.
Sorry, that was a really crappy picture. It was late in the afternoon and staring to get a little dark, but we continued. Here's Kole putting in the key. We've got the Mini Shuttle hooked up and ready to go.
We also launched one of those crappy little plastic jobies, the Mini Meanie. You know, it actually flew pretty good. Here's Kole getting ready to launch it.
We were having such a good time, every time a rocket would go up, Kole would go running after it, "I'll get it" he'd say and then go running after it. The Disruptor was flying so well we decided to launch it again( I think we launched it about 3 or 4 times). Like I mentioned, it was starting to get dark. I managed to get a cool fire trail shot on this one.
Allright little buddy, sucessfull recovery. What was kind of neat is that because it was getting darker we could see the flame from the motors all the way up to ejection. All in all we had a great time.
looks like you got a lot of help there!! I like the picture of putting the Tumbleweed on the rod. those are good times, remember them!
Great bunch of photos:
I certainly know what you mean about not getting it out of your system in one day. Having missed the last two monthly club sport launches I'm feeling that old cabin fever already and winter began today:( I'm thinkin the micro's will be flyin in the snow this year:D
Originally posted by cls
looks like you got a lot of help there!! I like the picture of putting the Tumbleweed on the rod. those are good times, remember them!

yep :) I *love* pix of little ones with rockets.

Sounds like you had a blast!

It's been so cold up here lately that if I were to launch, I'd have to keep my hands on the blast deflector for each launch... LOL
Now that's the epitome of rocket flying - sharing it with a child! It's just as much a "blast" when they get all pumped up about it. My daughter loves her High Flyer; pained in metalic pink and purple - so much so we've built three of them. She's crunched two of them unfortunately. She'd race after them on launch and tend to step on them, accidentally, on landing, because she can't slow down. Poor kid, she's now got a complex about chasing rockets.