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Mike Howie

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Jan 18, 2009
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Next old book rocket. Saw this one and thought it looked slightly like the
Orion (the atomic one:D). So here we go.

By the way, nice retro B.E.M. on the cover. :dark::D


pieces parts:

1 piece BT50 BT50 nose cone (don't remember which)
5 pieces BT5 1/8 Balsa
6 pieces BT20 2 CR5020
2 Pieces BT70 4 CR7050
1 Piece BT60 2 CR6050
Lg ping pong ball
Manila folder.

Make 18mm motor mount with a small paper nozzle on the end.
Glue the Centering rings into the corresponding body tubes.
Concentrically cut an BT50 hole on one end, and an BT55 hole on the other end.
Using VCP create a fin wrap for the BT50 with 5 fin positions, (tanks).
Mark the BT50 for the BT5 tanks.

orion 001 (Large).jpg

orion 002 (Large).jpg
a couple of easy steps.

Glue the small 3/16 BT70 onto the BT50.
Then glue the LG PPB in place. The BT55 hole goes up against the CR7050

Glue the BT5 'tanks' against the CR7050 bulkhead. Glue the lg 1/2in BT70
in place

orion 003 (Large).jpg

orion 005 (Large).jpg
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Glue the BT60 ring flush with the BT70 ring. Trim off the extra BT50.
Glue in the motor mount.

The picture from the book has no fins. If I were going to enter this rocket
in a NAR FF event, I'd use clear plastic. Since this is for fun, I gave it some
Saturn 1B'ish' fins. Glue the five fins in place even with the BT5 tanks.

The BT20 short tanks have spherical end caps. I didn't have any nose cones of
the correct shape, so I glued on some doubled up 1/4 in balsa. (I forgot this on
the 'pieces part' list.) :eek: Sand the end caps round.

orion 007 (Large).jpg

orion 009 (Large).jpg
Glue the BT20 tanks midway in the valleys of the BT5 tanks.
Glue the launch lug either on the BT70 rings or on the BT20 tanks.

ALL DONE.:D A nice quick build. Very please with how it turned out.

some close ups of different areas.

orion 011 (Large).jpg

orion 012 (Large).jpg

orion 013 (Large).jpg

orion 014 (Large).jpg


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You seem to have a great flair for building great projects from fictional covers.

Well done and please keep it up!
You seem to have a great flair for building great projects from fictional covers.

Well done and please keep it up!

Thank your very much. Now if I could start creating originals, that'd be great.
Great looking build.

The original picture just begs for it to be a three motor cluster though. :D
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Mike ,
Are you familiar with the book
' The Dream Machines: An Illustrated History of the Spaceship in Art, Science and Literature '?

It is chock FULL of these kinds of rockets.

If you don't already have it , A copy (possibly used) I think you would find it worthwhile.

It's available on amazon but a little pricy-

Yep, already have it. I've mined it many times.
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