On the other foot, The car from your past you miss the least!

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My fourth Festiva. I kept it going out of sheer stubborness and force of will, at least until the wheel fell off. Kinda liked the first 3, so easy and cheap to fix up. Plus I had zero qualms about drilling what ever holes I wanted in the roof for antennas. Often the antennas were bigger than the cars.
1999 Mercedes ML430. Performance and handling were great, but it was $54k when we bought it new and it started falling apart right off the bat.

Windows stopped working several times due to failing switches (yeah, luxury car with a garbage bag taped to the side windows to keep out rain).

Door insulation melted off and came up when the windows were raised (really nasty looking sticky, greasy brown tar paper stuff) and the fix was to remove the insulation.

The fuel guage would go to full and then drop to zero when filling up.

Computer was replaced twice.

Once at a gas station far from home during a snowstorm it wouldn't start.

Plus just to annoy me, there was a horrible metallic rattle that wasn't found nor fixed for a few years. Drove me nuts.

Saving grace was that it was SO bad that I drove it like a maniac (often drove home from work after midnight back then for several years), hoping that anything that would break would do so while still under warranty and this was actually great training for car racing. 😆

I sold it last year for $1800. Good riddance.