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Jan 18, 2009
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:y: We'll it is finished. The movers finished loading the truck and my house-hold goods are on the way to my new assignment. The one thing I did this move that I have not done in the past is have the movers ship my built rockets and R/C airplanes. This time, they got them all. It was pretty interesting how they packed the HPR stuff. I have a LOC 5.5 in V2 and a SHR Mercury Atlas that they packed in two double-walled wardrobe boxes. The movers picked up the V2 and it was so light they almost threw it in a tree. They grabbed the Atlas and almost slipped a disk...but I digress. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how they fare during the move. The other piece to this is the shipment will go into storage until we find a 3 car garage/workshop with a small house attached for my wife and kids........

More when the saga continues.........
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Good luck with the move and the new assignment. Remember the offer always stands if you ever need a place while your in the area. Can't guarantee the suite if we have renters, but otherwise it's yours! Worst case, we've still got a spare room with a bed and some sleeper sofas.

....and what he said!
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Yeah what he said !

BTW this is Darrell

.....and this my brother Darrell

....and this is my other brother Darrell

yeah good luck, from what I gathered form the guys who moved me storage is rougher than the ride. I had some minor hanger rash from the move on a couple of birds nothing a spot of glue couldn't fix. my X-RV was crushed, not a big deal but the roclet has sentimental value as my first Fathers day gift (not my best fathers day gift that would be my son who was born only a few days later).

Hope all your stuff makes it, where waiting on the moving company to see if they can find a missing box of ours
So the first leg of the trek to LA is done. I'm in Wendell NC.........wonder if SEMROC entertains drop in guest?? :D
Judging by his avatar I'm going to guess Louisiana, Barksdale AFB.
Woo Hoo... the first part of the trek is complete. Got the most important cargo to LA (wife and kids) and now, we have to wait about a month for the rest of the house-hold goods (HHGs) to make it. We have to find a place to live first :( Rest assured, it will have a killer workshop! I did bring a box of SEMROC parts with me to build a new X-ray as my last one burned....yes burned....at a NARHAMS launch last month....:mad: but...this time, I'm upscaleing it to a BT50 based rocket. That and I'm going to start on the Sirius Saturn V.......
Woo Hoo... the first part of the trek is complete. ...and now, we have to wait about a month for the rest of the house-hold goods (HHGs) to make it.

Ah, the joys of PCS moves. Thank goodness we don't have to do that any more.

Never had to do a CONUS-to-CONUS move - all of ours were CONUS-overseas, overseas-overseas, or overseas-CONUS, where the HHG's time in-transit is measured in months instead of weeks. Hope it all goes well for y'all, and maybe we'll see you at Hearne (Houston Tripoli) or Windom (DARS) some time if you get tired of flying with the Louisianans!
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