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Jan 19, 2009
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Saturday launched my Aerotech Mirage with a Memorex 7-in-1 camcorder looking downwards, on a H210 Redline. Merlin Missiles put up a chase rocket on a H220 Blue Thunder.
You'll have to view the video in hi-def mode and probably have to watch the video in full screen mode to see the chase rocket.
The chase rocket is in view near the end of the video (especially when the rockets lean over). I've tried to place an arrow on the video showing where the chase rocket is at 3 points in time.

I think next time maybe the lead rocket should be on a less smokey motor, while the chase rocket should be on a smokey motor.

Anyone have other ideas how to improve results next time?
Well, I'm not sure if this is a "statement of the obvious" or if you've already tried to do this, but-

If you want the following rocket to have much chance of staying in the field of view, at a somewhat "consistent" range or distance, you are going to need to do some degree of matching the trajectories of the two rockets. Similar (or same) weight, similar size/drag, similar motors/thrust profiles, etc. That way, one won't run off and leave the other. Make sense?

A little computer simulation and modeling might come in handy. This could give you a better idea of what ignition delay to use for the second launch to get optimum separation distances between the rockets in up-and-away flight. You might have to use some precision device to achieve the best control over delay time, maybe some sort of controllable electronic timer?
Very nice video! You just convinced me that one of my next projects will have to include a video camera!!! Thanks for sharing.
Another launch. This time a vendor from TORC launch (Steve) put up a J90W. We let his J90 get off the pad, then lit my rocket's H220T, in hopes of passing his J90W and catching the J90 on video. Only got the smoke trail of the J90W, but still looks pretty darn good.
Tried this again. Put my Aerotech Mirage up on Aerotech H180W. Chased by Steve T (one of the vendors from TORC). Steve put up a Cessaroni Green K i think.

Normal speed:

Fifth speed by repeating frames:

That is pretty cool!

The chase rocket needs a camera mounted upwards to see the first rocket.
would have been cool if the chase rocket did intercept the mirage... well i'm just saying.