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Jan 23, 2009
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Work in an auto shop. Two girls were driving a very dangerous car, broken suspension. Repair bill was $700.00. No money, no credit, no way to get home. Crying started, phone calls made but no help. A military girl in the waiting room asked why they were crying and we explained the situation. She said " I'll pay for it" and she did, $700.00. There was now more crying of joy and thanks. Omg what a great person. Blew me away. Was left speechless with nothing to say but thank you.
Sometimes it takes an ex-mil to really recognise someone else in a no hope situation.
Wow. I have the heart for that, but I'm always so afraid of falling for scams.
This is the kind of thing we need to hear MORE of!
I agree with Cris. You never hear about the quiet samaritans helping others without need for accolades or reward. We all touch each other's lives in miniscule ways and often at oblique angles, but we're all stuck on this spaceship. Nobody ever gets out alive. Might as well enjoy the ride and help others to do the same.
Outstanding! A special star awaits that young lady when she gets to heaven and yes, there are still great American's out there. Well done indeed.

That is outstanding and great to hear.
The world is safer and better for most people ( NK & parts of the ME, Africa notwithstanding ) than it has ever been.

Watch less news, meet more humans. They're not too bad, mostly :)