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Jan 21, 2009
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I have a 50's style build primed and ready for silver paint

I used 2) pnc-56 cones to get the cigar shape
the fins are basswood sealed with yellow glue
18mm motor mount with a small slot cut in the tailcone for the motor clip to work,
I plan on using Duplicor silver
That's nice!! I cannot wait to see it painted. It looks like it is about to (big announcer type voice here)

"Hur-tle across the GALAXY!!"

Duplicolor auto paint makes a nice silver grey that takes clear really nice.

Nice and shiney.

well I shot 2 light coats of duplicolor chrome..it went on beautifully!..untill after a minute or so these tiny bubbles started cropping up!!

I used kills primer and let it dry for 2 days..I suspect the primer wasn't completely dry? ( I forgot the Sandman sniff test)

any ideas?
I figure I'll have to lightly sand and try again
That looks like moisture???

Do this... wait at least 24hrs...wetsand with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper (the black stuff).


That should work...that is not serious but it does look like maybe the moisture or the primer wasn't ready.

It might be a compatability problem. Kilz is latex based (well it smells like it anyway!) I always use auto primer under auto paint...it just seems like the thing to do.

sand with a light touch. Don't grind away at it.

well I sanded the paint ,waited a few days and sprayed it again and the bubbles were even worse!!

In the mean time I sprayed annother rocket with a different type of paint and ,it too had a few tiny bubbles appear,,,!

this got me to thinking that mabey something about my technique was the culprit , but I haven't had this problem before ,,

than it dawned on me ...I had used my compressor to blow the sanding dust off the rockets before painting...and the humidity has been very high lately

I have a filter installed , and drain the tank often,, but it seems the source of the moisture buildup is in the line itself (after the filter)
and this was applying a micro film of moisture on the rocket

atleast I know what the problem is now,,Sandman you had it right the frst time!

I am going to stick with my usuall technique of just wiping down
before painting

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