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I am 32, but I have coworkers that are younger than the first time I flew my Alpha III in 1995!
I'm 56, but I know of at least one who is older. Many of my coworkers weren't even born yet when I started launching rockets.
58 and I know several rocketeers older than me and dirt put together.

One even came over on the Mayflower with a senior citizens discount :)

The back end of my car was on a Tripolitian Magazine cover showing the launch at Fort AP Hill Virginia
62, and not close to being the oldest! But the future resides in the younger ones, & pray that they outnumber us old farts!
I'm 72 but I don't feel a day over 90. (But Peter Olivola is even older.)
13 to 72, quite the spread. I'm 40 so right in the middle?

In case you find it interesting, here are some (non-scientific) demographics based on the views from some of my rocketry videos:

13-17 1.8%
18-24 8.8%
25-34 18.2%
35-44 34.2%
45-54 23.7%
55-64 9.1%
65+ 4.2%

Male 93%
Female 7%
LOL! I found a T-shirt from 1970 when I was scouting colleges. I also found a reaally ugly shirt from LOC back in the 80's?. So ugly I cannot even wear it. I'm 66!

...and here I thought you were older than dirt ;) I'm 61....give or take....
I'm a young at heart 45, but the rest of my body feels much older! <snap, crackle, pop!>
I'm older than all of you. I'm 10010. :p
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