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Dec 30, 2003
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I compiled a video made from really old 9mm film. Audio was recorded on an 8 track, and was not synchronized with the video. A mouse was launched in a payload bay (before NAR had rules on payloads) and propelled by 3 C5 motors in a Big Bertha.

John Hovancak's science fair project was to see if a mouse runs a maze worse if it was launched in a rocket. The date was aproximently 1966. One launch, the rocket crashed becasue only 2 motors lit, and the mouse was killed. The other launch with the mouse was a success, but the mouse ran the maze worse than before (I bet you couldn't guess that one, huh?). John won the school science fair, and placed a close second in the state fair (in Illinois)

Here is a link to the video:
2Mb Video
why does the NAR even have those rules? i mean mice are ugly and the're pests. why shouldnt they become payloads
Say that to PETA. It is considered animal cruelty, and *now* you can only launch non-vertrebre payloads.
Heck, get a cat :D they'll take care of your mouse problems.

I dn't have a problem with non living or invertebrate payloads. This leaves a wide range of options: Grasshoppers, barbies, GI Joes, and hornets :eek: (i read something where this was done. The hornets weren't too happy.). What I wanna do is put a fly where it's never been before. Or put some of these ever-multiplying ants in a jar :rolleyes:
Originally posted by solrules
Say that to PETA.


People Eating Tasty Animals?

Why would they care? Mice aren't considered a major meat source for human consumption...........
When I first read your "get a cat" post, Blue... :eek: I remembered:

If you have ever looked at your cat and mentally compared it to the size of your payload bay, you might be a rocket maniac :D :D

Ah... At least I can wreak my revenge on the hornets that attacked me while I was mowing a lawn!!!:eek: :kill: :kill: :kill: