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Jun 7, 2009
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Hi Guys,
I have been so busy lately I have hardly had any time for rockets or TRF. Hoping with some slow time over the Holidays I can get back to work on some unfinished rockets.

My wife and I have been going through boxes of old photos we have inherited form various relatives who have passed away. Man what a chore!!

I came across this old polaroid photo of my first two rockets. This was taken in 1968. I am hoping we find more as we go through the photos.

I wanted to share this - I cannot remember what the 3 stage rocket is called anymore - was it a Cobra? You can also see part of my first Big Bertha.

Dad used to have to haul us out a local National Guard post to launch these. I wonder how the National Guard posts would feel about people launching rockets near their armories nowadays!?

How about it guys? post your vintage rocket photos for us to see.
The three stage rocket is an Estes Astron Farside-X with the large payload section. I had way back when the Farside model with the small payload section. Flew it on a B14-0 to B14-0 to C6-7 combination. Yes .. I lost it and shredded a few fins on the way! ... but it was awesome!!!
thanks for sharing those old pics Jacques - I love those!

Come on guys I know there are more of you out there with old pics from the 60s and 70s - how about it?
I asked my mom if she had any pix of my rockets in 1970s - sadly no. which means all the balsa gliders and control line stuff I did with my dad is gone too.
cls - bummer!

I used ot have a lot of old rocket photos but the one I posted is the only one I can find now. I am afraid that the others must be long gone.
Me and my brother are seen here laoding my first ever rocket, an Estes Alpha circa 1979.
Originally posted by stevem
Hi Guys,
I came across this old polaroid photo of my first two rockets. This was taken in 1968. I am hoping we find more as we go through the photos.

Well, I tried to bring this picture into 2005. See attached image correction. I'll admit the original does have it's own appeal. Maybe this one will be closer to what you recall though. :)
nice job eugenefl! That looks great - I tried to doctor it up a bit myself but you've obviouly got the eye for photo editing!
Finally found these in the basement. Sadly, these were the only pics I have of my past rockets!

These were from the late '70s. A friend and I were trying to make some 'trick' photos with my Apogee rocket.

Here's my friend holding up my HUGE rocket!
Here I am setting up my Alpha III for its first flight in '81. This is my first attempt at using my printer's scanning feature so here goes...


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