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Dec 31, 2002
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so many of us share the same B-day...


Seriously though, you guys have a good one, looks like mine will be rainy...oh well, guess I'll just have to make somemore money here at work.

So far I have received a portable folding table to go with my new EZ-UP canopy...

What'd you git??
Yowza! Its Geriatric Day at TRF! :D :D

I'd make a cake with candles for y'all, but the results would be, well, pathetic I think... LOL

Seriously, happy day to one and all! Take a personal day and build, fly, enjoy a rocket (and your family :) )

Happy B-Day Johnnie!!!

Hope you get lots of goodies. You could always use your EZ Up to stay dry, they aren't just for shade:p
Happy birthday Johnnie! Hope that you get everyhing you want and need!

Happy birthday Johnnie , have a wonderfull time !
Thanks guys, still raining so that means I need to keep making money :mad: I can make money anytime, but good quality days off are rare...

Picked up another present. My wife had talked to me about this "big" rocket I had been working on, and in her own sneaky way, learned enough about my project to order a parachute for me to put in that project. She learned descent rates and sizes of chutes, then googled till she found me a 17' cargo chute, complete with deployment bag and 18" drogue chute. She ordered it from an Army/Navy/Marine surplus store from up around Oregan somewhere...she just emailed me the tracking number just a little while ago...

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, "my wife is the coolest..." she's a keeper :D
A few more surprizes were in store for me when I got home;

My daughter got me the Estes Guardian and a pack of C6-5's

My son got me some more 5-minute epoxy and the strategy guide to GTA3 :confused: say what?? well these two do not go together, but seperately they are very cool...GTA3 rocks! I have also put a down payment on the upcoming GTA "San Andreas" which will debut this fall.

My wife has done it again;


this is a link to Craftsman tote box that should elminate the need for so many field boxes, and it has wheels to boot.
It has lots of storage inside as seen below, and can carry even more boxes strapped to the top. You can even stand on it when you arm electronics on those hard to reach rockets on tall pads.