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Old Estes kits and Centuri publications on Ebay


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Oct 2, 2011
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I have placed the following really great items on Ebay.

Centuri 1971 model rocket catalog #73 Item Id: 330782353701

Centuri 1972 model rocket publication American Rocketeer V5N1 Item Id: 330782353776

Centuri Enerjet model rocket engine mount Item Id: 330782353847

Centuri Engineering model rocket wax iron transfer Item Id: 330782353899

Centuri model rocket chute wadding Item Id: 330782353967

Centuri model rocket designers manual Item Id: 330782354021

Estes 1973 model rocket catalog #731 Item Id: 330782354067

Estes 1974 model rocket catalog #741 Item Id: 330782354147

Estes model rocket wax iron-on transfer Item Id: 330782354176

Rick Gaff aka NIRA1