old book lander

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You should make all of the ping pong balls the same color otherwise it won't fly straight.
i can't see from the design where the fourth ping pong ball goes? i guess i'll have to wait to find out.
I like it...

Must resist urge to start new project...
Must .... not..... go...... to...... workshop.........

Wow, quite the balls on that rocket! :D

Neat design. I've never seen spherical phins before. They should work well. Are you going to finish them smooth or leave them rough?
The ping pong balls are pretty smooth. All they'll need is a light sanding after
a coat of primer.
That was one of my favorite book series!

Keep us posted.
This is too cool.

I've used ping pong balls for noses, transitions, gun turrets, etc. Never for fins? or are the landing struts the fins?

Anyway, very nice.
Hey Mike , I always enjoy seeing what you come up with.
good stuff
We recently had about 8 - 12" of snow which is unheard of. Not being a wimp, I told my wife I was going out to launch a rocket in the snow. My wife accused me of being crazy (which is really just stating the obvious). To keep marital harmony - again not because I wimped out because I hate cold weather, especially when wet and our snow was really wet and not because it sounded like good idea at the time, but the more I thought about it the less fun it really seemed - I postponed my launch until the next big Texas snow event. Which shouldn't be for a good long time.

Please post some pix when you get her up in the air.
I'm curious about how those ping pong balls will work out. I'm working on a scratch build lander of my own that is just screaming for some cajones, as in ping pong cajones.
Very nice job. You gotta love it when they fly for the first time. Scotty Dog
Mike: Where is the LL on your lander? BTW very kool. Nice job on this one. You always come up with interesting builds!
Using an 1/8" drill bit, I drilled through one of the PPB, through the aft centering ring, and the aft transition skirt. Then I used one of JFLIS's long launch lugs, and with Elmers FnF, blended the LL to the PPB and the transition.
This thread is is still sadly lacking in painted glamor shots and flight shots.

It's a cool rocket and needs some exposure.