OK to use old motors?

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Feb 15, 2010
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I have some RMS F40-10W reloads that I bought at LDRS28. I just noticed they are from May 1999. Are they OK to use? Will they be harder to ignite and will their specifications have changed?
Yes, they are OK to use. If they have been kept in a sealed pack, they will be less affected by age. The most common thing you will see in a propellant like White Lightning with a significant metals content is some oxidation on the surface of the grains. If it happens, you will notice it as white spots. To remove it, simply sand the grain's surface with a coarse paper like 80 grit. This exposes a fresh propellant and will make the grains much easier to light.

I have flown motors that were as much as 17 years old so far with no problems and would not hesitate to fly ones older than that if they had been stored under reasonable conditions.

I flew a H128W of the same vintage last year. Updated it to RMS+ delay. It flew like a new motor. Its amazing what some of these vendors have rattling around.

Its easier with RMS as you can inspect the grain and sand.
The only motor i have had problems with is an old F101. Tried to ignite it 3 times with no luck.. Only spit the ignitor.

Mayby i should pour some BP in it with a bit of paper to hold it in place and try again ;)

I guess its even harder to ignite now with the addition of residue from the previus ignition attempts.