Ok, I've ordered the parts for my first scratch built

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Dec 4, 2003
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Parts List:
2.56" Loc body tubing
29 mm Loc motor mount tubing
3 29x2.56 5-ply Loc (already have)
5 minute epoxy. Definately NOT DHP brand.
15 minute epoxy.
Steel ribbon mesh, like aerotech uses in their rockets
1 PML 2.56" bulkhead assembly
3/8" x 3' kevlar shockcord
1 eyebolt
18" round Topflite nylon parachute
---you'll see why such a small chute...
1.5 oz fiberglass sheeting (already have)
---this will be needed for the cheap fins
Oh, and 1 Estes FATBOY kit :D :D :D

'Hello, and what will you be flying your Fatboy on today?....er...did you say a G33 ?!!?'