OK, glue braintrust - what's the best product to fix a broken coffee mug handle?

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Jul 23, 2012
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Seems I've gone and broken the handle of a "memento-worthy" coffee mug. I have all the pieces & they fit tightly with no gaps. Is there any glue that can actually fix this (and by that I mean return it to daily use and be dishwasher safe)?

Regarding the DAP product, I found this on the Amazon product Q&A section:

What are the temperature specifications ? Can I use this close to a heating element submerged in water once it dried ?
I contacted DAP and they sent a technical data bulletin and it says the operating range is -40 to 400 degrees F.
By Gerald East on December 18, 2013

I have fixed my wife's ceramic antiques with CA. The bond will not be affected by the minimal heat radiated from coffee or tea in the cup.
I've used epoxy, both 15 minute and 30 minute. Works great and holds strong.
For a permanent bond, a lower temperature glaze would be best, then once you fire it it'll fuse the ceramic together, though if you don't know what glaze is on the mug I wouldn't risk it. I've used thin CA successfully, not on mugs (a coaster) but use a little to ensure it doesn't seep out when the pieces are pressed together is important. (hard to clean off) Epoxy should work well.
Elmers normal glue is used sometimes, I don't know how it holds but I'll do some tests when I have time (probably tonight) and tell you how it goes.
Don't fix it, unless your willing for it to fail on you or someone else, including a child filled with scalding hot liquid!!!

Sounds like you just got a new pencil holder!
There's a really nice (expensive) ceramic glue at Lowe's. We used it to fix my little daughter's prized tea party set. It works perfectly. I don't recall the name of it though. Only that it's a really small bottle.