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Feb 2, 2009
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Who's going to the TMO launch this weekend? I'll be there Sunday with a Stovi, Weasel, Arreaux, and rebuilt VB Javelin. That one's gonna get an H210R shoved up its rear. :cool:
What's TMO? If it is close to me (Cleveland area), I'll still be outta town. Hope you have a great time. Make sure you post a launch report.

Tripoli Mid-Ohio. We fly out of the Springfield/Urbana area.
I don't know yet. If I go, the biggest motor I have is an E-18, so I may wait. Although, I might come out just to see the new field. And, I haven't seen Gary since last season...lol What are TMO's flight fees?

Check the website, but I think it's $5/day. There should also be vendors on site. We've had Ross (of course) and Merlin Missiles from Cincinatti up there, so you can get reloads on the spot.
The new field is really, really nice...and BIG. It's nice to finally have a place to go fly in the summertime. Trying to fly in the winter is just backasswards.
I am working but, if the weather is good, I will be there late (6PMish). I have a K-695R that would be very cool at dusk. Besides my wife is due with our 2nd child in June so I will probably be unable to attend next month's launch.

The flight fees will be going up to pay for porta potties and hopefully a new launch system in preparation for regional Labor Day launch.
Lance of Merlin Missiles may not make it Sunday. I am going to try to get up there, if for no other reason, to return a casing to Gary. I plan on flying the maiden voyage on the BLU-97B Cluster Bomb Upscale on a L850W, weather permitting...I just gotta figure how to get it and the kids in the car at the same time...

Ya know Carl, you could consider renting a Uhaul trailer and put the BLU in there:D

Anyway, good luck and I hope that you have a GREAT flight with it. That L850W should be spectacular sight.
Carl, that thing is so big you could just put one of the kids in it! :D

I think you should put it on a flatbed just for the "wow" factor heading up I-70!

Can't say I have a warm fuzzy feeling about the weather for Sunday but we're going to give it a go. I'll be there with our son and three or four rockets. I'm rushing to finish painting my rebuilt VB Javelin, "Reintarnation". There's a good story behind it...it's funny now that the thing will fly again.;)
Well, I'll be in Ohio, but not anywhere near urbana :-( family thing up near toledo...

Carl, if that thing flies, get tons of pics of it, and find someone with a video camera...

Scott McNeely
Just caught this post today! Anyone know what happened to the MTMA (NAR section) that I used to fly with in the Cleveland area? I moved closer to Cleveland and thought it would be nice to be closer to their launch sites; and now it seems the group is no longer active.

I am originally from Toledo, the birthplace of Jim Barrowman!

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

We are probably an hour and half from you (just south of Urbana). We have a great field, 9300' AGL with call ins to14300' with notice. We almost always have some NAR senior members on site for certifications.


I am not sure about MTMA, but if you want to start flying in the Clev. area check out the Slybusters (NAR and TRA).

They are a great club, their prefecture actually hosted the first 5 LDRS's.

Glad to see ya posting again...As Todd said, we have a really great field now at Mid Ohio...probably the one of the best in a five state area! Wide open fields for miles in each direction with minimal trees and buildings. It's a rocketeer's dream...all we need is good weather :p

Also as mentioned, we have many NAR fliers form the area attend, including the Cincinnati Quark group of which I am also a member. They are always there to assist and as the chairman of their cert commitee and L3CC, I keep all the written tests and paperwork for everything from NAR Level 1 - 3 with me at all times...we can hook you up if needed and just need to know in advance.

Good luck with your club search!

Hey Carl,
Just got back from the in-laws...are you gonna post your picture of Gary's feet?
Did we get a raw deal with the weather on Sunday or what? The warm front turned stationary over Kentucky until afternoon, so that deluge that hit us about 9am was a freak o' nature (for those of you not there, it was shaping up to be an alright day for flying. Then we got about 1.5" of rain dumped on us within about 30 minutes - the field got washed out).
Well, at least I got to meet Carl and see the "Big BLU". Maybe one day I'll actually get to see it fly...:p
i don't think carl really wants to fly it. he just likes setting it up next to his table. :p

i hate to say it but i'm glad he didn't get to fly it this weekend, maybe i'll get to see it's first flight at LDRS. i haven't gotten over not seeing it at TRF2004:mad:

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