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Dang...even the biggest rockets get eaten alive by RET's! Such a shame about the recovery portion of the flight. Awesome flight otherwise.
That thing was so incredible! Was it powered by BMW or OPL? Looks like cases were a Loki P and 4 O's from the picture, or an O and 4 N's...can't quite tell. But at any rate, that was one awesome, aweseome launch! That blue propellant was nice as well...real fast with a nice visual effect, and the screeching roar was even picked up on the video. Despite the tough recovery, it was a great flight and congrats to MDRA on the flight. Wasn't that the biggest and most powerful rocket ever on the east coast? Either way it was great!!!
Jeff, if you catch this thread, please also look at my related thread in the Events forum. There are some questions about the flight and maybe you know the answers.
Can't claim any real credit, only provided a small monetary donation. But it was nice to be recognized :)