Oh Happy Day- About to become a Granddad again

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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
I'd like to spread a little Joy as Our family is about to welcome
our 6th Grandchild... Still don't know if it's a girl or boy LOL! Our youngest daughters 1st child being born this evening out in CA.
It's my understanding as I type these words, after some 16hours She's and Hubby Bud are about to start the last push phase. We should know shortly if it'll be Little Jake or Lydia Marie LOL!
Granddad and Grandma are waiting LOL.

Oh Happy Day! Will update as soon as we have a confirmed touchdown LOL.
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Congrats to all John :) I hope it goes very well :)
Congratulations and blessings to you and yours. Hopefully we will be waiting a LONG time for this to happen to us (Our oldest is 14).
Sorry for the delay: but that final push took a lot longer then any of us imagined OMG!

Little Grandson Jacob Daniel (Jake) finally made his entrance at 1:00am our time.
21" long and a whopping 11lbs 2oz. of great lunged little boy LOL!

Mom, baby and button busting Dad are all exhausted but doing well.
Grandma Mary and I are proud as punch :D
Thanks to all. we are very very happy.
Congratz youse guys!:w:

You're going to need to get a a "special" build pile going real soon. Each one will need his/hers' "special" rocket that they fly when they visit Grandpa!:D


Ed and Kelly
Hey John, that's absolutely great! Congrats!!!

Am so looking forward to being a grandparent, but not just yet. ;)