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I have GEV in my desk. I am surprised, however, that a pocket game that originally sold for about five bucks can now be bought for "only" $24.99 plus upgrade kits...
Steve Jackson is hands down the funniest person I ever met, we were playing zombie dice at midnight at a retailer convention and he accidentally threw his dice into his wine glass. Also hands down #1 story teller too.
Long time fan of SJG. I remember they used to have ads on the inside front cover of Analog Sci Fi magazine.

Bought all the pocket games but Ogre was my favorite. My son bought the GINORMOUS KickStarter table top game. It has huge.

Thanks for the tip on the Steam release. May have to take a break from playing Diablo III.

Did I ever mention that the guys from Blizzard who later split off and created the Torchlight series put non-player characters in TL2 named after my wife and I?

Kidrik the Pyrate King, a mini-boss.
Ogre - dang, wish I still had minis from 25, or so, years ago.
Somewhere around here is a reprint issue of original envelope game.