Ogive NC for BT-70 body tube???

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Oct 28, 2009
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Hi gang,

Looking to make a Estes powered clone of the Loc Lil Nuke.. Plan on using C11, C12 and E9's on it only so need to reduce weight.

BT-70 tube is almost the same diameter.. But I'm having problems finding
an Ogive NC for that tube size..

Any suggestions??

Fliskits has some NC but no ogive of that size..

All the BT-70 kits that I know of from Estes have a rounded or 'special' shaped NC, you might have to step up to BT-80.... or turn your own NC out of balsa.
Speak to Sandman here on TRF, he does custom turnings at a good price.
I would also suggest Sandman. Good stuff :)

I'd also like to mention that we've (FlisKits) gotten more and more requests for some variety in the NCB-70 area and are hoping to have some more choices in the next few months so keep watch :)