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All Reports and Info should go in this new thread. There were too many others, most of them polls, and LDRS needed it's own thread, so this is it!

Please place Pics in here, URL Links, use it as a method to communicate and coordinate with other TRF'ers and make any other general announcements.

Now that that is said and done, I must report that I will not be attending this year. A couple things came up including some missed project targets and on top of it all, work has interfered as I will now be working during that long weekend. So, I expect you ALL to give us some great reports and tell us what we missed!!! Just don't rub it in too bad, as I am bummed about missing meeting you all.

Have fun guys and check in here often....

you suck, Carl! :(

Man, was looking forward to seeing you again and seeing the upscales go up. ya'bum

Seriously, it's a bummer that you can't make it, but we'll see you again (i hope you're going to be considering NARAM this year...)

Well I'll be there. I had to change my plans a little but I'll be there starting on Saturday and staying thru the EX days on Tuesday.
aye....going to start the long trek tommorow at 7:30. Plan on staying through the EX days. See you all there.
I'll be there Friday through Monday...Look for the kid with a navy blue hat with a white M on the front. I always have it on.

I guess you could look for my dad too...the balding middle aged guy;)
I will probably be there for Sat and Sun, I would like to stay Mon too but I doubt I will be able to do anything.
I will be there Friday through Sunday! Hope to meet some the TRF people there.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Well I'm all packed! We'll be heading out about 6am tomorrow morning.

We'll be there Thurs - Sat and will stay sunday if the weather permits and sales are good.

Look me up if you are there!

Also, note the notice on our web. The shipping department will be closed until our return (Monday) and I will not have email access while away.

I can't believe I'm not going with it being so close. :( I'm sure I'll continue to beat myself up as the reports flow in.

TRF admins: How about a TRF photo album? Just a thought, even if it doeesn't stay up forever.

Good luck to all!
I will be going from Thurs to Mon(thanks TH)

Probably just gonna talking to people but it iwll still be a good time
Good luck and happy flying to all of those going out there to LDRS!

Maybe soon we can get it down here in FL at Tripoli West Palm...who would go to that? Heck, maybe even again at Orangeburg or somewhere in the Southeast...who would attend then?

Yeah, Orangeburgh would be nice, nothing like a huge sod farm to fly on!
but i'm happy to be here in ny, can't wait to see the field tomorrow.

Carl, you suck. :D i saw that you started this thread so i figured you'd be here. i was hoping to see the Tres fly again and the BLU-97. oh well.
Leaving for LDRS today around 2 o'clock!!!

I will be on the field tomorrow (Friday), I can't wait!
me too yay!!!!!

wont be flying much but I will get to BS with everyone
Hey Carl, another reason you suck is that i have this envelope full of pictures i was going to give you from that little 2 stage thing you flew at whittakers, but now there're just taking up room in my field box. email or pm me so i can get an address to send them to you.

it was big fun to fly today! a little disorganized, but the field is good and you get to see vintage airplanes take off and land. pad assignment could be better organized.

can't wait to see all the TRF'ers that haven't made it yet. so far, as far as i know it's just me, Justin and Jim and Cathy Flis.

pics to follow.

a picture of justin setting his GCLM Gryphon on the pad(B6-4), next to my Destination: Tree. (the red one) our first launches at LDRS 23.

i thought for the first part of the walk that D:tree lived up to it's name but it cleared the tree line and landed in the dirt field where most of todays launches did.
this is a shot justin took of me recovering my lil lunar express after flying it on a H242T. long walk.
but it landed in the same dirt field that most everything else did today.
Originally posted by solrules
aye....going to start the long trek tommorow at 7:30. Plan on staying through the EX days. See you all there.

you must be here. how do we find you?
I'm walking around LDRS and there are rockets longer than my van sitt'in there for you to look at and have questions answeres happily by their builders..I love this place..

I love you too Rat (for the record, my girlfriend, not a large rodent..) wish you were here.
-Justin:D :D
I am so jealous! I'm not going to be able to make it to any launches at all this year. I'll be in my first school until August 14th, then i'll be in another school for about 6 months.:eek:

Oh, well. Maybe next year:(
Looking forward to more more more pics. Hows the weather holding up so far?

Keep it up Adam! :)
Yes, I too am curious as to how comfortable the temperature/humidity is there. (It's not that great here in PA.)
Hope it at least stays tolerable for you guys.
I bet it isn't nearly as bad as what I heard the weather was like in Argonia for LDRS. They were hitting 100 degrees with 80%-90% humidity if my memory serves me correctly. Sheesh.

I am curious about a few things going on back there. Like the I600's and G61's specifically.

Happy Flying ya'll! Keep us updated!