Off we go to MUDROC 11

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Dec 10, 2010
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I am off to the blackrock desert.:cool: and MUDROC 11. I hope to get my level one cert this trip. Going with my PML Callisto. Whish me luck!

Pictures to follow if I can remember to shoot and not drool:D :D
i wish i could have made it, but things didn't come together as i'd hoped they might.

it should be a great weekend!!
It was awesome!! I got my level 1 cert:D :D :D :D and got to watch some great flights.

I think it was an L motor but the first big shot of the day did a corkscrew for two revolutions about 300 feet in diameter and then lawn...eheh...lake darted, then the ejection charge went off leaving a large divot in the lake bed. There is just something about a huge red flame shooting out of a rocket gone mad that gets the juices flowing.

I was so busy running around I did not get the name of the bird but someone staged M into an air started a K and ended up with 49,000+ feet. I will try to get some of the few pictures that I took up soon. I have to get some sleep, and dream up something for Level 2.
Congrats on the cert! Sounds like you had a great time!
I just got email from George W. who also attended the launch. His photography skills and equipment put my Kodak digital cam to shame. I have included a link to his page showing some of the highlights of the Launch

The flight refered to in my post resulted from airframe failure and the motor case sans the rocket was less than stable;)