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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
Well, the St. Margaret's team leaves for the Team America Rocketry Challenge flyoffs tomorrow morning at 4 30 AM... how exciting... :D It's been fun and frustrating getting here, the whole story is at

Oh, and watch for us on CNN too...

<font size=1>Originally from the TARC mailing list</font>
Tune in to CNN on May 22, 2004. They will be broadcasting live throughout the day from Great Meadow, The Plains, VA, covering the 2nd Annual Team America Rocketry Challenge finals!

We'll let you know how it was when we get back!
Good luck to all the TARC teams this weekend!

They say that there can only be one winner, but they're wrong.

all y'all are winners! :) including all the teams that tried but did not make the top 100. You've *won* because you stepped out and took a challenge to try something you've never tried before. Keep that up throughout your lives and you will some day touch the stars.

I will watch the proceeding with anticipation!

we're expecting the temp to be around 92 tomarrow with high humidity, Make sure you guys ahve plenty of water, sun screen and maybe some Ear muffs the Cacada's are VERY load and thick:)
Sorry I again will miss this most wonderful event,..duty calls.