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Jun 24, 2002
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Patricia and I flew Art's new 24mm Scimitar and Stealth last Saturday. These little rockets are very cool looking and fly impressivly well! Construction was easy and the instructions clear with illustrations. As usual, a great kit from Art that will please your low power urge without needing a square mile to recover.

First we flew the Scimitar; a high flyer that spins all the way up, flips over, then spins all the way down! :)

Here's the completed Scimitar:
Now to the cato part of the original subject!

Both launches were on D11-P and the only two we did. This 27F weather is for the birds! :( :( :(

It is a cool pic, ain't it :D

What was the pilot of that stealth thinking!!! After taking off from a runway, he should of dropped a couple countermeasures, and sharply change directions, to ward off any Grail or Stinger missiles launched from a bad guy hiding in the brush waiting for ambush....

Wait... your in Kentucky.... :D

Great pictures though... send that motor back to Estes ;)