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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
Hey guys I'm looking for some spent 24mm black powder engines cases. I need to make some painting wands and use the spent cases for other things. If you can drop a few in an envelope I'd gladly pay for the shipping costs.

Thanks again...much appreciated.:)
I know I have some, think I got some spent SU composite motors too if you're interested in those. I should have a chance to dig through my junk after work.
I just use 3/4" CPVC pipe. It fits in a 24mm MMT loosely but won't go through an Estes thrust ring. If you have a motor clip it fits pretty tight, without one you may want to wrap it with a little tape to get a snug fit. If you put a few large nails in a board you have a handy drying rack in no time.
I'm sure I have a bunch of 18mm and 24mm spent cases if you haven't found any sources yet.