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Jan 4, 2009
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Something Bravo52 posted earlier prompted a though, concerning October Sky and Homer Hickam.

If you're in the area and haven't had a chance to do so, you may want to check this event out. It's held each year and several of the Rocket Boys attend each year. A few of us have made the trek and it's a great weekend; albeit a bit small. You'd be surprised at how small of a field they were launching out of back in the late '50s.

October Sky Festival
I looked around but couldn't find info about flying during the festival. Do you know who is running the flying field? And can we sign up to fly?
I did a quick search under TRFA for the year I went (2005). WVSOAR chipped in to help and did a small build session/launch. Extremely informal.

Check it out here: Octobery Sky 2005
I've attended the October Sky Festival for the last few years, and there haven't been any vendors in attendance.

The launch is very casual, strictly a bring-your-own-equipment-and-supplies set up.

But, you could attend and start a trend. :)

I have been there the past few years too. The launch is a minor part of the overall festival, and like Carol said, is very casual. The site is very small - it's a small valley overgrown in trees, but one of the Rocket Boys told me that back in the day none of those trees were there. The festival itself is the major event, and the launch is just a side attraction (weather permitting) for a few hours of the day. In addition to the small field, there is limited parking at the launch site, so consider taking a shuttle bus up the dirt road.

Carol, can you post some pictures?