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Jan 25, 2004
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Who on the rocketry forum will be going to the Orangeburg launch in August or the Freedom launch in September?? I will most likely be at both... definately the Freedom
I will probably be at one of them. What are the dates?
I'll be at the Freedom launch all days. I'm not sure about the August launch.
Current plans are this:

Both days in Aug.....

At least Sat, maybe sun too for Freedom launch
I'll be at the Freedom Launch whichever days are not the EX day [Saturday and Sunday? I can't get to the website].
Originally posted by karatekicker271
Saturday is probably going to be EX

Actually, I think it is Monday that will be the EX day...... Rocketjunkie can confirm that for us
Just checked the website [now that it loaded for me];

September 4-6 Freedom. Sport launch, Sept 6 may be experimental.

Business as usual.