Nudists sink ship

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Dec 5, 2003
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That got you attention. I found this on MSN and thought how would you explain this one to the wife/husband/other.

AUSTIN, Texas - Partygoers apparently hoping to catch a glimpse of nude sunbathers crowded on one side of a floating barge, prompting the ship to capsize and dump all 60 people into Lake Travis.
Two people were hospitalized with minor injuries Sunday after the rented double-decker barge sank near Hippie Hollow, a lakeside park and the only public nude beach in Texas.
The accident occurred during Splash Day, a semiannual event hosted at the clothing-optional area by the Austin Tavern Guild, a gay and lesbian bar association.
Witnesses said that all of the people aboard the barge moved to one side as it neared Hippie Hollow, creating uneven distribution and making it tilt. It sank in 50-foot-deep water.

And we are so proud, here in Texas, to make the news in such a notable manner.
Dont be suprised if this thread gets a REALLY high hit count...:eek:
But, did anybody get to see anything before the ship sank? I hate it when they leave out the important details!

they saw what looked like a vertical wall of water screaming towards their faces... LOL

Just goes to show our culture... If theres a naked person on a beach on the horizon, everybody goes to one side of the boat... The boat sinks becuase of this... How stupid are we????:confused: :eek: :p ;)
ha I could make a culture arguement....but I wont

I think thats absolutly halarious...and stupid...which only makes it more funny
Sometimes you gotta marvel at how stupid (a lot of) americans are....:D ;) :eek:
My office group was debating where the lawsuits were going to go...

a) boat owners sue passengers for loss of boat
b) boat owners sue nudists for causing passengers to flock to one side
c) passengers sue boat owners for unsafe boat design and failing to warn them of the potential dangers of capsizing
d) passengers sue nudists for luring them all to one side
e) nudists sue passengers for disrupting their frivolity with something so silly as a sinking boat and people needing rescuing
f) environmentalists suing everybody for the destruction of the underwater habitat caused by the sinking boat

I was on Lake Travis, with my own sailboat problems at the time. After I had righted my sailboat after capsizing it, I saw the police boats headed to the dam where this happened. High winds were probably a factor, after cargo weight caused the barge to begin to tip over, winds probably helped tip it on over.

Trust me, I didn't capsize because of the nudists....can you say 300-400 lbs ???? Besides, I was over 4 miles away.

The local newspaper humorist said it probably tipped because they got one look on shore and headed to the other side of the boat !!!!

20 years ago, things were a different story....everybody at UT used to go there....OUCH.
Originally posted by wwattles

f) environmentalists suing everybody for the destruction of the underwater habitat caused by the sinking boat


I'd wager there's already a structure set up for dealing with this. We have the same issue here in Wisconsin in the winter during ice-fishing season. Every winter you get a moron or two (or more) who drives their car or truck out on the ice when it's too thin, and drops it to the bottom. This really hurts, because your expenses are threefold:

  • You get fined
  • You have to pay to have your vehicle retrieved from the lake. This runs around 5 or 6 grand, if I recall correctly.
  • Odds are, your car insurance doesn't cover this, as most insurance voids the second you willingly drive off of a road or driveway.

I have a buddy who's dumped 3 trucks in the lake.
Originally posted by KermieD
Every winter you get a moron or two (or more)...
I have a buddy who's dumped 3 trucks in the lake.
I believe this guy fits the above description to a T. Sorry, just had to go there. ;)
Hehe. I think spending a day sitting around on the ice qualifies you even if you get to keep your truck, but that's just the opinion of one frog who appreciates modern heating.
Just hit me looking at the press pix on this national embarassment that gives us Texans such a bad rap.
Most of us are pretty smart, at least smart enough to fly rox.

Those idiots tipped the boat over enough for the wind to not only catch a flat hull, but the upper deck as well.
The boat was anchored to the east shoreline, with multiple lines, and very rough winds out of the north. Actually the skipper (contrary to the press) ought to share some responsibilty. One should always anchor into the wind.
Can you say flip ?