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Trip Barber

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Jan 18, 2009
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Springfield, VA
The NAR 2004 National Sport Launch, hosted by the Austin (TX) Area
Rocket Group, has shifted the flying site from MacGregor, TX to
Hearne, TX. Hearne is near College Station, TX, about 50 miles
southeast of MacGregor. The event will still be held over Memorial
Day weekend, May 29-31, 2004. The town of Hearne is fully behind
hosting the event, and the motel accomodations are both plentiful and
near the field.

Reason for the shift is the inability to gain assurances from the
Secret Service and FAA that the airspace waiver for MacGregor will
not be canceled should President Bush choose to spend that holiday
weekend at his nearby ranch in Crawford, TX. The NAR greatly
appreciates the hospitality of DARS in offering the MacGregor site,
and we regret any inconvenience caused to anyone by the shift.

Trip Barber
NAR 4322
NAR National Events Committee Chair

thank you for getting this info out quickly! I was just getting ready to make my travel arrangements and am glad I got this info!

Trip, if the President was in Crawford, and you invited him to the launch, would he stop by? This could be a chance to let him see first-hand what a safe hobby this is, what a fine bunch of people we are (well, let's think about that one), and how wrong it is for him to support legislation to take away our hobby. You never can tell, he just might show up.