NSL and the flood In Hearne TX

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Feb 2, 2004
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I just heard from my in-laws in Austin that there was a Flood in Hearne Texas, the site of this year's NSL. An earthen Dam gave way and drained a lake into the town. I am going there anyway, but has anybody heard if it is cancelled, moved again, all clear? The NSL and NAR websited have no mention.

It's still on!
Go to the NSL web site and read Count-down NSL updates- May 14 -15 days left until NSL.

See you there.
I believe that the launch site itself is OK----it was not the site of the flooding in town.

On your drive in to NSL, you will probably want to stop elsewhere to pick up any last-minute supplies, drinks, ice, etc, as Hearne was a pretty small town to begin with (i.e., not much there in the way of shopping) and what is left now is bound to be messed up
I'm staying at the same place so let me know what they say.

For the price they quoted me I hope the room comes with someone to load my motors too. hehehehe.:D