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Feb 3, 2009
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The National Sport launch has added two more fun events to it's schedule of rocketry activities.
There is certainly something for all rocketeers at NSL 2009!
If you haven't yet registered for NSL 2009 please do so.
Our block of rooms reserved at the Country Inns and Suites expires on April 28th.
Reserving a room before that date is prudent.

The Wildman, (Tim Lehr) has announced a special drag race package offer.
You don't have to look good wearing a dress to get in on this package deal but it helps.
Here's the deal;
One Wildman Jr. kit, one Cesaroni Pro 38 1 grain casing, one Cesaroni delay tool, and a Pro 38 G69 skidmark reload.
All for $100.00.
Call Tim now at 815-638-3200 to place your order for this NSL 2009 drag race special!
Limited quantities are available for this deal so don't delay.
We will be drag racing the Wildman Jr.'s on Sunday at high noon.

The NAR has been developing a HPR competition contest series.
The intent of the HPR competitions is to have some good natured fun at the launches they are held.
The rules are kept simple to encourage participation and camaraderie.
We have offered to host the first HPR event at NSL 2009.
The Upscale competition is open to all attendees.
The contest will be held on Saturday of the event.
All entries should be checked in to the NSL 2009 contest official(s) and set on display for the peoples choice judging by 11am.
The rules below are a rough draft of the proposed NAR HPR contest rules which will govern this contest.
The models entered and flown at NSL 2009 for this contest event may use motors from "G" to "M" impulse.
55 Upscale Competition
55.1 Scope

Upscale Competition comprises a single event open to any high power rocket that is visibly recognizable as an upscale of a manufacturer’s kit. Determining the validity of the entry, as far as it being based on a manufacturer’s kit, is at the discretion of the CD.

55.2 Kits

Commercially-produced upscale models are allowed.

55.3 Data

The contestant must supply a color picture of the model being upscaled. Permissible sources include catalogs, advertisements or pictures from a manufacturer’s website.

55.4 Stages

If the prototype is a multi-staged vehicle, the upscale model may be designed so that some or all of the upper stages are inoperable dummies.

55.6 Judging

Each entrant shall be judged by a “People’s Choice” process. All models must be judged together in a group, either before or after flights. All launch participants are eligible to vote, but voters must be registered launch participants with a valid NAR card. The vote sheets must contain the voter’s name and NAR number, and they must be checked against the launch registration. The Contest Director should provide a sheet for voting, with five of the following considerations for the voters to use:

· Paint scheme

· Decals (if applicable)

· General outline

· Maintaining unique entry features (staging, recovery)

· Fin shape(s)

· Nose cone shape(s)

· Original kit’s popularity

· Magnitude of the upscale

55.7 Flight Characteristics

The entry must make a safe, stable flight. In the event of recovery means other than a parachute, the RSO has the final decision on what constitutes a “safe” recovery. The same RSO, if possible, should judge all the flights. The flight must be returned to the RSO table and assessed for post-flight damage, if any. The entry must be returned in an immediately-reflyable condition, with the RSO being the final authority.

55.8 Scoring

The entry with the highest number of votes and a safe, stable flight will be the winner.
I can't see why not.
Do you think that you will be able to beat a 4X upscale Estes Manta with foam glider.
I remember a guy from Indiana who brought a huge upscale Venus Probe to Bong once about 8 years ago. That was a winner.
I'd enter our 7.5 x upscale Outlander but we can't fly it at Bong. Too wild and crazy. 4 L motor cluster staging to a K motor to make the saucer section take off of the booster part. You need a half mile separation to fly it. Not to mention $$$$$.
Besides I need to work this event.