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Jul 4, 2017
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Hi all,I'm new to rocketry and I'm planning to build today first rocket.Have some questions about my model,nozzle isn't the best (as a fuel I would use sugar r-candy with iron oxide) here are pics
So the question is:with this nozzle where to put the electric igniter all the way up to end cap or right at the begining of nozzle?
Hi, I'm happy to see your interest and enthusiasm. You really should find a club and mentors that can show you the right way to do what you want to do. You should know about building and launching rockets before you make motors and nozzles. If you don't know where the igniter should go, please reconsider making a rocket motor at this point in time. There are certainly some other things about rockets that you might not even realize you don't know. And we want to see you remain in one piece with your house still standing.
The most important advice about igniters that I can give you is to make sure they are connected at the other end of a wire that's long enough (measured in hundreds of feet) to protect you from harm in case the motor comes apart.
As far as placement of the igniter in the motor, that's entirely dependent on the design of the motor and for a self designed motor we are not permitted to discuss that except in the Research forum. The rules here permit access to that forum only for USA citizens who are High Power certified by NAR or Tripoli. The philosophy behind that is that presumably a certified person has sufficient knowledge and experience to be safe.

Steve Shannon
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I have never built a Model Rocket Motor....... As I don't feel qualified. PyroMaster, that kind of looks scary.
Wish you luck.....
I have never built a Model Rocket Motor....... As I don't feel qualified. PyroMaster, that kind of looks scary.
Wish you luck.....
I didn't see this earlier: DO NOT FIRE THAT motor, please!

It is very likely to rupture, sending those screws out in high-volocity, unpredictable directions.

Pretty please, if working on motors is something you want to do: find a local mentor. They are usually affiliated with Tripoli.
i don't see the issue. in fact i STRONGLY request that you FIRE THAT motor, please! (and take pretty pictures, pretty please)

However, I ? your use of rock hard solid propellant. Something like juicy spray paint and lawn mower grass cutter suits the job weller.


Cardboard tube. Nozzle too large. Wooden end plug held in with 3 screws. This will not end well.

PyroMaster, study more about this, please don't try a motor like that. It's a disaster waiting to happen. I don't think you're in America. Where you at?

edit; annnnd it's 11 days later. I wonder if he blew a hand off :(
Isn't it possible that PyroMaster posted this just to get us all going ? Someone wouldn't really build a motor like that ??

But, then again... I've read some pretty wonderful Darwin award stories
There's hundreds of 'kids' that are pounding mixture of Root Rotter with powdered sugar into PVC pipes because of youtube, you bet motors like this are made all the time.

It's possible he's a troll but I think out of the USA and English is a second language, that's just the impression I get from reading the OP.
Still alive,i was lucky electric ighnitier on top(70m cable),changed wooden end cap to gypsum,flew around 50-100m then blow up,I now see how they are unpredictable,will stydy more
Also about rocket club,I live in serbia,there is just one rocket club but it organises meetings only once a year so I have nowhere to ask about improvements,thanks for all help,havent been able to access internet past week