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Dec 5, 2003
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It seems that the disapearing thread syndrome is back. It is really amazing that any thread that even mentions the ATF or other government agencies is removed at once.

At the risk of being a naughty boy, mods what is going on, dont you think you might be a little sensitive on some subjects?
Some things that the ATF do are relevant and should be discussed.Not throw your hands in the air in horror, someone has said something bad about the (whatever agency )we must delete it at once.
Now if the topic gets out of hand or turns into a slagging match I can understand the mods taking action but really dont you think you could be a little less quick to jump in and delete?

Ok that should do it, it wil probably get me banned and the post removed but I had to comment on the subject and it wasnt even my thread.


Threads get pulled only if they are considered as going against our current policies. It does not matter whether or not the ATF is involved, although those subjects tend to turn bad fast. Informational posts are fine, but when followed by conjecture usually ALWAYS cause problems.

We are here to keep the peace and have had the need more recently to start clamping down on threads as it was getting a bit too laxxed. In a family oriented environment that we have here at TRF, it is important to remember of whom our audience consists. All this is taken into consideration when we act. It may seem by some people's view a bit fast on the gun, but the end result is an enjoyable, hassle free environment for rocketeers of all ages to come and talk rockets!

As our valued members, you all could assist us in pausing before posting and asking yourself..." by creating a thread or adding a post, am I adding value to the forum and assisting other members or asking for assistance, or am I just venting or ranting?" If it's the latter, you should reconsider saving the post. While the TRF staff brings the medium, it's up to our audience to provide the value...that is what has made us THE premier rocketry forum, our members providing value to the community of rocketry.


TRF Staff
Heck, I'd be tempted to sticky this thread and Carl's reply. Not to make you mad, Dave, but I think you brought up a very valid discussion point here. There have been a number of constructive threads on the trials and tribulations of working with the ATF to get a LEUP and, as long as they remain constructive, they stay. As soon as it gets into government-bashing or potentially inflammatory commentary, then it either gets pulled or split with the inflammatory posts pulled. It's really a situation where we try to keep this place fun or if not fun, at least informative, like Carl said. Some threads just seem to head in a direction that's not condusive to either.

Anyway, what Carl said better than I could is that there are more factors than just the mention of an acronym that go into the decision to pull a thread.

Oh, yeah. Don't worry about being banned. It hasn't happened yet to my knowledge, and honestly, you've added a lot to the forum. Far from banning you, we'd be very sorry to see you go.
I don't think anyone here hasn't had their ups and downs regarding this topic. I swear even I can become entranced into beating an already dead horse. Having said that, perhaps one's voice on the matter might be better devoted to a chat session, or passed on to those who, after hearing it, might be able to actually do something with it.

Here is some info.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cannot respond to e-mail inquiries relating to technical, policy and/or legal questions. Inquiries of this nature can only be addressed through a letter outlining your questions to the following address:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Office of Public and Governmental Affairs 650 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Room 8290 Washington, DC 20226

[email protected]
Carl, Kermie, Thanks for the replies I tend to agree with you however it still seems to me that the mods act very fast on occasion and it seems to me that there might just be a little of "this topic can/usually causes controversy" lets pull it quick.
Now I dont know if this is true and until the jury returns the verdict I will accept the mods decisions. (I really have no other choice)

Thank you for the kind words Kermie I try to be of value even when I dont agree with something and try not to post without thinking. Admitted that some people post without thought or with the intention of stirring things up, I am tempted myself on occasion, as I am sure you are aware people differ in how they think and what they think, this is what makes life and this forum so interesting and friendly.

The mods do a great job but I reserve the right to question them on occasion (helps to keep them honest :) )

Originally posted by DavRedf

The mods do a great job but I reserve the right to question them on occasion (helps to keep them honest :) )


Nothing could be more true, David. Not that I beleive the mods do anything with malice, but *questioning* athority is never a bad thing :) If nothing else, it causes them to re-read the rules, understand them better, and perhaps change them if it is warrented.

Keep ME Honest? Pffft. It'll take a lot more than a post like this!! :D
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I...oh...never mind...its been done.
Originally posted by KermieD
Keep ME Honest? Pffft. It'll take a lot more than a post like this!! :D

How about a hefty BRIBE?

Why would THEY need to re-read the rules?

They wrote the durn things, for cryin out loud... They shold know better than anyone!

Not that I dont like questioning authority or anything............ :D :D ;) :p