Now my computer is dead

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Apr 21, 2011
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I think Neal has started something.
I started getting error messages after only a couple of minutes at a website or just reading my email. I ran virus scans and found nothing. Last night I decided I was at the point where the only thing left to do was reformat my hard drive.
I booted in DOS and erased everything, reinstalled window ME.
I still get all kinds of error messages, blue screens ect...
Well time to break out the laptop.
Can a hacker attack or virus of some sort damage hardware?
Originally posted by daveyfire
That's the problem right there :D Windows ME is the child that Microsoft was never supposed to release...'s not the best OS to use, I'll admit but, it should run w/o all the errors and BSOD's that Missleman is talking about. No clue on whether or not it's a hardware issue. When you say you formatted the drive are you talking about the entire drive or a partition? Reason I ask is if it's a partition, you may have corrupt files on the rest of the unformatted drive. Just a thought.
I reformatted the entire drive.
I am thinking I either have a bad sector on my hard drive or my processor is going bad.
Originally posted by daveyfire
That's the problem right there :D Windows ME is the child that Microsoft was never supposed to release...

That's the EXACT wording I was thinking about when reading the message! I recently installed WinXP Pro after using ME for 3 years (worked fine....up until the last few days when everything went into errors, slowed down, BSOD, etc.) and I can say that XP is much better (no longer based on DOS, as 95/98SE and somewhat ME was). Btw, your hard drive is the likley culprit....HD's fail all the time, while CPU's usually are quite stable (unless you overclock your Athlon Thunderbitd 200Mhz faster than it should be....)
I was having the BSOD problem a while back, and I discovered that the powersupply fan was full of dust and dirt and *$&^@! and was barely working/ not working. This can cook a CPU fairly quickly!! I blew out the power supply with compressed air, and she works great now. I did add an aux fan, but cleaning out the P/S did the trick.

I agree with solrules, the hardrive is the likely culprit. My hard drive recently went bad, and caused a bunch of problems.

Go to the website of the company that made your hard-drive... and download their diagnostic utility. It will make a bootable floppy, and you boot the computer off that. It will let you know if the drive is bad after runnning a bunch of tests...

Hard drives under warrenty are replaced quickly, with a hard drive equal or greater in size.