NOVAAR September 18th Sport Launch

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Oct 8, 2002
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I'll be there. For anyone who doesn't know what I look like, I'm just shy of 6', about 200lbs, and likely to be wearing a white t-shirt and a green ATCSCC baseball cap and sunglasses.

Possible launches: AT Mustang, Cosmodrome Nike Smoke, FlisKits Deuce's Wild!, and maybe some other misc low power kits.

Some of you may know from checking out my gallery that I like taking pictures at the launches. I will gladly take a picture of anyone with their rocket or try to capture a nice lift-off shot just let me know.

I'll also have a supply of kits and motors available for sale and free dogbarf for anyone who asks. :D
I should be there with two kids (one of them mine), probably starting shortly after 9:00 and going until I fly everything at least once. 5'9", glasses, and will have my Arcie and other Edmonds and FlisKits.
I know I'll be there.I'm gonna try to be there early but I wouldn't bet on it.One question Maelstrom;How much lead time do you need to get motors?
BTW 5'6",camo Deere hat,rednecky as can be.Silver ACR Neon with the dual tips comin' out the back.Used to have long hair but am as bald as a waxed apple now.
It depends on the motor, some are harder to get than others. I"ll also let you know that Red Arrow Hobbies is my current distributor so unless I can find another one to part with some of their Aerotech stock (not really so easy) it may be several weeks for any AT motor that I dont already have. Magnum is an AT distributor but he wont sell to me because I don't have a physical storefront(I sell via internet and in person at NOVAAR launches).
O.K. I was thinking of dropping a wish list on you but changed my mind.Given how it's only a week till launch I'm not gonna burden you with the hassle.Most of the stuff I wanted for Battlepark anyhow.This Saturday we'll have to talk about different stuff and what all you can get and can't.I'm trying to think long term.
Question;Are you going to Battlepark?

Forecast for saturday is looking pretty foul at the moment.:mad:
Yeah I noticed that.It's gonna be a real bummer if I gotta wait seven more weeks to fly at Battlepark.
I'm normally not able to go to any except NOVAAR launches since they are close to my home.. I really don't have as much free time as I wish I had :(
I know tha' feelin'.That's exactly why I gave up my TRA membership for an NAR.Payin a full years dues just to launch once a year or so.No fault of Mike and them in Culpeper but those launches just always seemed to clash with work or car shows or something.Now I have a much more flexible work schedule much closer to home so it's not as much a problem now.Finding NOVAAR has been a major huge boon also.
Well anyhow we'll hook up eventually.Till later-Russ
P.S.-I like Sport Rocketry magazine better anyhow!Shhhhhh!!!
Well, we may get rained out anyway, I've been holding out hope but it isnt getting any better.:mad:
Well y'all;It looks official now.It's a washout.See y'all on the sixth of November.Who knows I may make a meeting,however.
Yup. Officially a washout. Unfortunately I can never make meetings because I have to babysit the kids while my wife has her activities on Tuesday nights (frustrating thing is that the meeting room is only a couple blocks from my house!). November 6 it is, then. :(
I'm with you illini. I pick up my kids from daycare after work and have trouble making it to the meetings from Woodbridge before my wife can take over.
Here's hoping you guys are o.k. out there.It's been a shooting gallery this evening.Had one twister touch down about two miles from here.Another touched down pretty close to the field in the Plains,I'm just guessing but i'd say about 20 + within 50 miles of here.I've never seen anything quite like this.Now I KNOW I'll never move to Kansas.Be careful y'all!