NOVAAR Launch Saturday 10am-3pm

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Originally posted by Maelstrom
Isn't that what I said?:D

Maybe. :kill:

Are you planning to bring any of your store goodies with you? A friend of mine may be coming with...he's interested in getting into rocketry. Will tell him to look over your webstore and see if there's anything he's interested in looking at.
Yeah, I will bring a selection of stuff. If he wants to see anything in particular let me know though so I can be sure to bring it.
The wind forecast on Accuweather is looking pretty bad for Saturday...16 to 22 mph in the AM!
Looks like we're go. I'll try to be there from 10-12.
Looks like I'm wimping out on this one. Currently raining here in Springfield and wasn't going to be able to stay long anyway.
Bummer, it was a pretty good day out at the field. It was raining at my place here in Woodbridge when I left this morning, but since a launch only happens once a month I figured it was worth the time to drive out and see. I was there from about 9:30 - 3:30.

I'll put some pictures up in the gallery within a few days.
Sounds like y'all had a swell time today.I woke up feelin' kinda crappy so I decided to just wait until next month.Plenty of chances next year.Gonna love those two day events.
Yeah, it looks like the wind cooperated in the end. Had we been planning to stay for more than 1-1/2 hours we would have made the trek and waited out any rain. Odds of getting any flights in looked pretty poor at the time. Guess I was wrong. Oh well...Jan. 8 then.

BTW, I referred someone to your site who was looking for the 29/40-120 case. Do I get a commission? ;)
Originally posted by dragonshiprider
Gonna love those two day events.

Yeah, I liked the look of those as well. Nice additions to the launch calendar!
If I didn't discount them I might have some commission to give. I guess I could tell him there is a $5 Illini fee on his order. :D